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[NSW] Followed home by Police in unmarked car.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by NiteKreeper, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. I just got followed from Kingsgrove to Kogarah by a uniformed copper in a beat-up old VL (?) commodore.
    I wasn't sure at first, but he did something towards the end that proved he was definitely chasing me...
    Didn't pull me over because I gave him no reason to, but what REALLY pisses me off now is this:

    While I was cruising near the limit, he was speeding (had to be doing 100 in 50 zone at the end there...), changing lanes without indicating, cutting other cages off etc to catch up and stay with me! And not in a nice shiny marked car with Christmas Lights either...

    Please watch out tonight and through the holiday period - there are some dangerous-driving coppers out there, and it seems they're looking for us!
  2. Re: Followed home!

    sure he doesn't live next door???

    {I'm not paranoid, I KNOW everybody hates me :LOL:}
  3. Re: Followed home!

    He was in dress blues but didn't have anything over his shirt, so I'm pretty sure he was on duty. And the way he zoomed down a side-street and back to intersect me, then changed his mind which direction he was turning while his head tracked me all the way down the street, kinda did it for me.

    And it ain't paranoia when the entire world really is out to get you ;)
  4. Re: Followed home!

    Last time I was being followed by a cop, I just pulled over safely and took out my phone like I was checking a text message. Easy way to see how much they want to harass you.
  5. Re: Followed home!

    I'll consider that "next time", thanks grue.
  6. Re: Followed home!

    Used to get that a lot from a cop who must have knocked off work the same time as I did (3am) and would often follow me most of the way home despite having to well and truly break the speed limit to catch up to me, and the fact he could have easily passed me if he wanted to.
    Never got pulled over or sent a ticket though, despite frequently being over the speed limit myself and running multiple red lights (at that hour of the morning I consider red lights equivalent to a stop sign).
  7. Re: Followed home!

    Either that, or head to the nearest police station, park the bike riiight in front, walk in, and report the b@stard.
  8. Re: Followed home!

    Was it a light blue-grey thing that had badly eroded paint?
  9. Re: Followed home!

    It was blue for sure, but I thought it was darker - paint was patchy too.
  10. I wonder what would have happened if you called the cops and gave the rego or even filed a formal complaint for harassment etc.
  11. Sure he wasn't a prison guard or security guard?
  12. nothing - they protect their own
  13. It was a stripper cop, he was hoping you would help him play hide the baton.
  14. Well geez, if THAT was all he wanted he was going about it all the wrong way! I'm pretty easy, but I do insist on being bought a drink first...
  15. He just thought you were playing hard to get.
  16. That's exactly what I thought. I've done a double take a few times when I've thought there was a cop in the car next to me only to realise they were a Sheriff's officer or a prison officer.
  17. Thanks Day, that was suggested by someone else too...
    I'm almost certain I got a good enough look at his shoulder-patch to make sure he wasn't a CO, but I could also be quite wrong.
  18. Re: Followed home!

    He works, or has at least attended or operated from, Sutherland police station.

    I've seen it leaving with two police officers in full overalls, the type that usually handle the dogs or drug searches. Odd.

    Kogarah is relatively close.
  19. Re: Followed home!

    Is also the LAC, and the general direction I was headed...
    Thanks Smokae, you've helped more than you know.
  20. If you caught his number plate, you know who to write to now ;)