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[NSW] First service reccommendations

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Enigma, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. hey everyone,

    Just looking for some reccommendation to conduct my first service on my GT650R. Ive been quoted a rediculous first service price from where i purchased the bike. And are even saying that my warranty will be void if i dont conduct it there (can you smell horse dung).

    Anyone know any good places in sydney to get my service done at a cheap price. I even hear of services around the 120-150 region

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Hey Rob ,my first service was $300 ,so not sure if that helps ,mine being a different bike ect.
  3. What is the dealer telling you it's going to cost?
  4. $300????????????????????????

    Fark MOI are you serious?

    For the first, the very first, the 1000km service?


    Is it April already?
  5. I have just been quoted $240 for a first service on a gs500. I'm also hoping a noise will be fixed on warranty too... but this is another post.
    Good luck! I would be very surprised if the warranty was void by not returning to the place of purchase!
  6. Yeah $300 ,i asked a few other GS owners first and they said thats about right .

    What do you mean Vic, to much $ or to cheap?

    The $350????????????? Bit confused me.

    EDIT: first 1000km service ,yes.
  7. Lloyd Penn out at Artarmon.

    Do a forum search on him for reviews.

    Not 100% sure he'll do Hyousung though, he only does Jap bikes these days.
  8. What does your service manual say is required to be replaced and checked for a 1,000km service. It may even tell you how many hours of labour are required/expected for each service. They should give you an idea if the quote is overpriced or not.
  9. ok, basic sum up of price. $427

    first service requirements
    change oil / filter
    check and lube chain
    check all pivot points
    and check shocks.

    3 hours labour. + parts cost.
  10. That's a complete rip.
    First service usually equates to change oil and filter and do a quick check to make sure nothing has come loose. An hour labour tops. Anyone that charges more than ~$100 is taking you for a ride.
    Also in Australia you can have any new vehicle (car or bike) serviced by any registered mechanic and it's still covered under warranty. If the dealer told you otherwise, report them to the ombudsman as this is illegal and they will be fined!
    Nothing pisses me off more than salesman that try to perpetuate this myth.
    Sounds like these wankers deserve a brick through their front window. Any takers?
  11. My first service on the GS500 was $240.

    Any authorised dealer can perform services and will not void your warranty.

    My GS is in the shop again at the moment. They replaced the battery within a month of getting it, and I have had issues with the clutch and brakes since new.

    The dealer finally has a decent mechanic now and hopefully it's going to come out all good.

    My husband worked for them for 8 years so could fix it himself, but because it is covered by warranty he doesn't thing he should do the work - rightly so. The previous mechanic was told repeatedly what needed to be done, but his solution was to adjust my clutch (it didn't have any freeplay in it at all everytime it came out of the shop :shock: ), and I have to brake harder to stop the brakes squeeking :roll:

    I got the new mechanic to come up and get it yesterday and ride it back to the shop so he could see what it does when I put into gear first time after starting....jump forward a foot or two with the back wheel locked up :shock: Not just once, but will do it several times. I hadn't told him about the brakes, but it was the first thing he commented on when getting it back to the shop :grin:

    At least he is prepared to do something about it. He's a bloody good mechanic, and I'm not just saying that cause my husband trained him :LOL: :grin:
  12. just rang lloyd penn

    $175 first service.....

    All booked in ready to go this friday!!

    Woot!. I can just smell the synthetic oil

    Thanks for all your help guys.
  13. Well done Enigma :grin: