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NSW First bike suggestions, New Rider Looking For Help

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by artwork, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone.

    I've recently booked in to do my riding training & tests next week to hopefully get my L's! This will be my first time riding a bike since my father bought my a PW50 when I was a little kid. Hehh.

    Any which way, I have between $3-5k to spend on a bike. I would be riding it 5 days a week to and from work (approx. 20min in car) mostly at night.

    I've been looking around online for bikes but don't really have much of a clue as to what I'm looking for and was hoping that someone here would be nice enough to give me tips on what to look for (km's, specs, etc. . .) or even model's that would be good for a leaner. :)

    King regards,

  2. Re: New Riding Looking For Help

    welcome , you will get plenty of good advice from this site, the search button can most of the time answer any of your question, have fun , where abouts are you
  3. Re: New Riding Looking For Help

    I'm currently in Greta, NSW. Approx. 1h inland from Newcastle.
  4. Re: New Riding Looking For Help

    If you need a hand picking out bikes, I would be more than happy to help you. I'm on the Central Coast but I go up to Newcastle every now and again, would be a nice ride out Maitland/Singleton way :)

    I'd probably recommend something like the Suzuki Across, I started out on one on my Ls and Ps and it was a fantastic learner bike, plus the book compartment came in handy alot of times, especially going to school and work.. I managed to almost fit a whole case of beer in there once haha

    I've got a fair bit of experience with maintenance and tuning wise with the suzuki across, if you find one, give me a yell and I'll come check it out with ya :)
  5. Re: New Riding Looking For Help

    eg, check out this one here, looks like in decent nic :)
  6. Re: New Riding Looking For Help

    Thank you! I'll defiantly speak to you once I get my L's!

    I'll look into Across's a little more.

    I was also thinking a Honda CBR125R. I've done some research and for the most part I've heard they're reliable & cost-effective but don't have much power and the gears tend to stick. Any more info on this bike would be appreciated. :)
  7. Re: New Riding Looking For Help

    The CBR125 is a nice little nimble bike but you'll struggle hitting highway speeds on it, question, how tall are you? if you're any more than.. around 5'10, you look like a german shephard humping a chiwawa.

    My suggestion is staying with 250cc and up, unless you go for a NSR150SP or a RS125 but expect them to be high maintenance considering they're two strokers.
  8. Re: New Riding Looking For Help

    I'm about 5'5" - 5'7".

    I'm quite short.
  9. Re: New Riding Looking For Help

    I can't give any advice but helloooo and welcome to NR!
    Do you get into Newcastle very often?
  10. Re: New Riding Looking For Help

    Not terrible often. Probably once every month?
  11. Re: New Riding Looking For Help

    Oh well in that case, the CBR125 wouldn't be a bad size then, but one thing you must remember is they lack in power. I guess it would be good to start off on but in about a couple of months when you get used to it, it'll feel slow.

    Go to a dealership and sit on a few bikes to see how they feel. Try out bikes like the Suzuki GS500 and Hyosung GT650Rs as well..

    But ideally, 250cc is a good size to start out I reckon.
  12. Re: New Riding Looking For Help

    Wander into a dealership if you can and sit on a whole bunch of bikes (as in hands on bars, feet on pegs).

    Demand test rides. Ride everything. Pick the one that doesn't wreck your back, isn't too high off the ground for you to put a foot down at the lights, doesn't bore you to death.

    A shorter dude/dudette will do fine on a 125/250. Country riding, get 250cc+, the lighter bikes will feel pretty dodgy past 80 clicks.
  13. Re: New Riding Looking For Help

    thanks for the tips. i'll start to look at 250cc's instead. :)

    what can i expect doing the NSW bike training course also? should i be nervous? or is it quite easy for someone with basic knowledge of a bike? i.e. knowing where the clutch, shift, etc, is.
  14. Re: New Riding Looking For Help

    oh yeah mate its piss easy, my suggestion is first day, wear something light, eg jeans and t-shirt, because you'll be pushing a bike around to get used to the feel of being on two wheels. and bring water, because you'll be thirsty haha.

    but other than that, being that you have basic knowledge and know how to be on two wheels, it'll be easy.

    I started out having just basic knowledge, but not knowing how to actually ride a motorbike, stalled it alot during the lessons, but I slowly caught up. All it takes is practice.

    Good luck next week and have fun, I know I did when I went for my Ls hah.
  15. Re: New Riding Looking For Help

    thanks everyone. :)

    i just finished my first day of rider training. at the instituion i saw an advertised 89 Honda CBR250 with 70000kms. he was asking $2000. is that fair price?

    an advise would be appriciated. :)
  16. Re: New Riding Looking For Help

    $2.5k to $3k is the Redbook indicative price. So the price seems good. Get it checked out if it is a private sale rather than dealer.

    Remember to budget for your jacket, boots, helmet etc if you don't already have those.

    Do a REVS check to make sure it is not encumbered by a previous debt.

    Good Luck and welcome to two wheels. :)
  17. Go to the RTA web and download the LAMS list - these are the bikes you're allowed to ride.
  18. Sounds like a job for Captain GS500. Or maybe an older DR650 if you can touch the ground.

    I wouldn't particularly recommend a 20 year old bike as a first bike. How handy are you with the spanners?
  19. thanks. :)

    what's a bad number of kms on bike? like in a car, 300,000kms generally needs an engine rebuild. are bikes the same?

    PatB, i would love to get something newer but after i buy my leathers and helmet i'm not left with much cash. so about $2k to $2.5k is all i can really afford at the moment. plus, i haven't been able to find either of those makes for sale anywhere near me.