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[NSW] First bike - question about inspection with dealer.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by parker, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. Hey, as some of you know I'm STILL looking for a motorbike, I really want a GS500 for my size/weight and they've been hard to come by for me, I think I've finally found the perfect one! Only thing is it's at Camden (CAMDEN BIKE & POWER) and I was wondering if there's anything different from buying a dealer bike to a private seller? Eg. the inspection, I don't know any motorbike riders at the moment and kind of stuck on that part, I was wondering if anyone could give me a hand for an hour or so if you live aroun Camden and I could throw some money at you for your time :p

    Google Map

    So hopefully in about two weeks time I can have a motorbike... finally!

    - Parker.

    [ps = forgive me if it's in wrong section just wasn't sure if it should get it's own business thread]
  2. The main reason for buying with a dealer is that there is less risk than a comparable private sale, this is because most dealers accept the risk of mechanical failure etc etc ie: most dealers have a warranty.

    Most dealers inspect and service their motorcycles before they sell them - all these are within their own interests if they have a warranty, because they are liable for the costs of failure.

    Ideal questions to ask a dealer (to find out exactly how much risk they are removing) are:

    > How long does the warranty last?
    > What does the warranty cover?
  3. They may have an inspection report, so ask to see it.
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  5. Hopefully he/she posts the ad up :D

    Awesome, thanks for the info, how long would a test ride last, and I've pretty much not hidden a bike of 3 months since I did the pre-learner course so I might have to hire a trailer from somewhere like Kennards or something because I don't think I'd feel confident getting the bike from Camden to Glenfield (my Dads house) or to Caringbah (my house).
  6. send a pm mate
  7. Dammit got a Email back from Camden Bike & Power, somebody already put a deposit on it... I'm hoping this is a sales thing where they pretend someone is interested so I can't haggle and they'll call back in a couple of days, but my hopes aren't high at this point.


    Couple more GS500F's which seem alright, been sending them messages via BikeSales.

    A couple more questions

    On BikeSales theres an ad which states a 2007 GS500F for $5990
    but on the website it states a much higher price, if I walk in with the ad printed out, is there any hidden costs that weren't explained on BikeSales?

    http://www.sydneycitymotorcycles.com.au/ - links to ad don't work (pic provided)

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  8. On the main Sydneycitymotorcycle.com.au site it lists the bike at $5990.00
    Give em a call & haggle the price down ,never accept the sticker price from a dealer.

  9. Yeah seems to be changed now.

    Any lurkers from SCM in this thread :p
  10. would love to take that off your mates hands but I don't have that much money :p
  11. Got a call from SCM[campbelltown], I asked about the warranty, it's 3 months warranty & $500 for another two years.
    Kind of a let down.
  12. its like that by law from every dealer, $500 is fairly cheap, others charge $1000
  13. Oh really, I thought you get like a year or something standard, but that's what I was expecting, should I get the extra warranty? At this point I'm thinking yes but still $500 a don't have at the moment - more waiting!
  14. Well, thats where you need to bring your bargaining power into it, ask them to throw in the warranty
  15. Lol I suck at haggling, have no confidence because I know next to nothing about bikes at the moment, so it's going to be a very one sided conversation :(
  16. just try it anyway.
    let them know that if the bike is as good and they want you to believe they'll be losing nothing because it'll never come back to have work done
  17. Hey Parker...

    i have sent you a pm mate about my bike with a link to bikesales.

    i dont think i am allowed to post a bikesales link as i am an not a netriders member so check out the PM.

    is a non fairing version gs500 (grey) though ... i hope it doesnt matter. 2008 model with 8900km and still warranty/rego till may 27 2011.

    i think the non fairing models are better :D
  18. I have an 05 GS500F available, I'm down in Wollongong, send me a PM if you want some more details :)