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NSW - Fines for 4km/h over limit

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by goz, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. firstly, what a brilliantly written article. Well done.

    secondly, start sending letters to shadows. he says this: But the NSW opposition roads spokesman on roads Andrew Stoner questioned whether they were an ''effective speeding deterrent''. ''The Keneally government is using the state's tragically high road toll as an excuse to raise revenue from drivers instead of increasing the use of highway patrols,''
    But is he going to oppose and remove them?

    Lastly, what bloody good will these do? Signs will inform drivers they have been ''checked'' after they pass the vans, which also shoot video.
  2. f*uck. i'll have to check my speedo every .2 seconds now, and not look at the road, and ride dangerously cause i'm looking at my speedo so as to warn people i'm checking my speed and not thinking about traffic.
  3. wow... they really care for the blokes.

    also, yes, well written article. but i'm exhausted. i'm sick of all this bs
  4. And your response to this new speed campaign by the government is anything proactive towards this....
  5. I can't stand how the speed limit has become a magical number where if you drive below it then it is equivalent of crashing into a wall of cotton balls however 1km/h over means cars will disintegrate into a smoldering pile of metal.
  6. Thank you Blocka - my sentiments exactly -- I was struggling to express my thoughts on it and now I can in.
  7. Re: [NSW] here's what these mobile speed camera vehicles will look like, the bastards...

    So, if in one years time the road toll (how I hate that term) is not down, then what will they blame? Someone surely has to call their bluff on this.
  8. Re: [NSW] here's what these mobile speed camera vehicles will look like, the bastards...

    do they only take photos of oncoming vehicles?
  9. I in fact like that so much blocka, its going in my signature.
  10. Alright then, start sending some bloody letters and get this stopped, otherwise you've no right to complain when the govefrnment inflicts this bullshit on you.
  11. Its about time they produced some research that vigilantly enforcing the speed limit does anything whatsoever to reduce the road toll, and from reading that article it probably does the opposite.
  12. Re: [NSW] here's what these mobile speed camera vehicles will look like, the bastards...

    The radar is facing backwards in relation to the car, so it would catch the front of vehicle on it's side of the road but also the rear of the vehicles on the other side of the road.
  13. Re: [NSW] here's what these mobile speed camera vehicles will look like, the bastards...

    What's with the other camera on the roof at the back that isn't circled?
  14. Merged the 2 threads into one, if there are indiscrepancies well sorry that's what happens when multiple threads about the same subject get merged.
  15. So NSW is the new Victoria?

    I hope this plague doesn't keep growing North.
  16. just sent this to Andrew Stoner, shadow roads minister. http://www.andrewstoner.com.au/component/option,com_mecontact/Itemid,144/view,mecontact/

    Feel free to use this as a template, but do not copy it.

    Any point in sending an email to NSW labor?
  17. Good letter, Lilley.

    It doesn't hurt to email, but you will probably get a form response back. Politicians don't take emails seriously that seriously, while a posted and signed letter (with sender address) makes it seem like you went to more effort.
  18. Wow Lilly, just wow mate. =D> I take my hat off and bow to you sir.

    If a number of letters like that were to hit my desk before an election that would get my attention, not a doubt in the world.

    And i believe yes there is a point in sending an exact copy of the letter to the Labour boffins making it clear your vote is shifting.

    Although if they think the policy is too hot to touch before the election, they will just postpone it until they get back into to power and they can run amock again ;)