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[NSW] Fined for Filtering?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by daewoo, May 22, 2007.

  1. Do it and been fined.

  2. Do it and never been fined.

    0 vote(s)
  3. Never do it.

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  1. It seems that the law in NSW is unclear with regards to filtering. I am undecided whether to do it myself. I wouldn't be confident to lane split (with moving traffic), but would be to filter.

    I thought a poll would help, for this poll I know that you can't be fined for Filtering because there isn't such an offence, but you can be fined because you are filtering.

    Thanks for your input,


  2. oh dear, here we go yet again

    The law is very clear in this regard; while filtering is not explicitly outlawed, in anything but one horse country towns with single lanes wide enough to turn a bullock train around you cannot filter without breaking a dozen or more laws including:

    1. failure to indicate
    2. crossing a centreline (even dropping a mirror over)
    3. passing on the left
    4. passing in an unsafe manner
    5. passing too close
    6. stopping over the marked line

    Use the search tool - it is the same all over the country. Noone says you can't filter, but the law says you can't do any of the other stuff without risking being caught and fined.
  3. That being said, the likelihood of getting pinged for it is pretty low. If Johhny Cop lost his girlfriend or just got a dressing down from the sargeant, he might be pissed off at the world enough to book you, but if you do it sensibly most times cops will turn a blind eye... :wink:
  4. Bonox... did you just read the title and reply???

    I said exactly what you said, can't get fined for filtering, but can get you because you are filtering.

    So far with a total of 1 votes we have 100% vote for "do it and never been fined". I was however hoping for a larger sample group than that.

    More votes please so that I/we can make an educated choice.

  5. Lots of dirty looks from cagers, but never a fine, filtered past cops as well but generally, what are they going to do? unless they're right at the front of the traffic they haven't a chance in hell of getting to you to pull you over.
  6. It can be done legally.....that is, passing to the right of the vehicle while staying in the same lane. Wander over the line and then technically you're passing on the left of the vehicle in the other lane. (just to confuse you, in Queensland you're permitted to pass a stationary vehicle on it's left side as well as on the right) Use your indicators by all means and don't venture over the stop line at intersections.
    Bonox makes mention of "passing too close". Rule 144 says this: "A driver overtaking a vehicle must pass the vehicle at a sufficient distance to avoid a collision with the vehicle or obstructing the path of the vehicle"
    So...as long as you don't collide or take out a mirror, you're doing it legally....there's no minimum distance stipulated....

    Hope this has been of some help. :)
  7. oh yay - a poll will make a difference! A educated choice based on what other people do? Does that include the same bunch who use the phones on the move, split moving vehicles (seen the F3, M4, M5 etc in nsw, the M1 in vic, etc), deliberately speed?

    Of course I read the title and replied - and my first comment referred to what you wrote in your first post ya git. It has been argued ad nauseum in this forum about whether it is right or wrong and whether or not you can get away with it. Fact remains that in the cities you just can't do it legally because the lanes are too narrow, and the choice about whether it is safe or not is not up to you, me or anyone else here but the chap who books you.

    Deal with it - either do it because on average you save more time filtering than the 1/2 hr chewing out and extra time you have to work to pay the fine every now and then (if ever) or don't do it, but don't ever try to make something quasi-legal in your own mind by weight of public opinion of those who have a vested interest in a biased outcome.
  8. I do it when I have the license points available to lose. When I thought I was going to lose 2 due to no L plate being displayed I stopped splitting (only 4 points on red Ps). I'll get around to getting greens Ps and then I'll have 7.

    After reading statistics showing that around 30% of bike accidents are rear enders and that something like 0.3% are from plane splitting, I figure its just safer to split. Sure its illegal but I'd rather have the fine than be dead or injured.
  9. bonox... I don't know where the anger is coming from, but please direct it somewhere else...

    If you do a search, you will find that there are very few posts that say whether people filter and get booked, or don't... and even fewer relevant to NSW...

    I know that you CAN be booked, I don't know if people DO GET BOOKED...

    I know if I choose to speed I can be caught and booked, and make a choice based upon my impression of the likelyhood of being stopped and fined v's the limited advantage... speeding is a lot less noticible than filtering... I don't know what the chances of getting away with filtering are, which is why I posted the poll... the advantages in Sydney traffic are obvious...

    You don't have to respond, you don't have to share your experience, but beyond that what is the issue?

    Please buy yourself a beer on me and go easy...

  10. where did you get the impression I was angry? I merely laid out the reasoning behind why your decision to filter and therefore risk fines and insurance premium hikes based on the experience of others is silly. It is a mild form of saying 58 other people around me got away with killing their neighbours annoying teenage children - therefore I should do it too. If a rider filters and there's no cop around is it still wrong kind of zen.

    The practice is inherently wrong, except in a set of circumstances that are very very hard to put together (which is why people do get booked for it in the first place). A decision for you to do it then is really only a moral one and not a question of how many other people have been fined for the same offence.

    PS: i'm already drinking - next round is on you!
  11. ...how many of those 30% are at the start of the intersection after filtering to the front, then muck up a quick takeoff?

    ...how about the number of people on bikes, who have filtered to the front then need to shoot of first and get collected by a redlight runner?

    almost every time I see someone lane filter past me for "safety" reasons, I observe one of the following:

    (a) The filterer have a near miss with a person turning out of a side street (because the motorcyclist is overtaking on the left or in a bicycle lane).

    (b) nearly getting collected by peak hour traffic stopped to allow others to have access to a side-street. A person turning right can see that the cars have stopped and left a gap (as per law not blocking an intersection) and the motorcyclist passes on the left at 25+km/hr giving the driver a meter or two to react and stop before collecting the motorcycle - remember, the driver is accelerating so stopping takes longer :roll:

    The two main reasons I will not do it.

    also - How about the driver who has patiently waiting in traffic - of course they feel wrongly done by when someone pulls up, invading their space...it is "in your face" behavior.

    Do as you like but please refrain from associating "filtering" with "safety"...it's actually poor, impatient and dangerous practice. That's my position and hence my vote against...I see I am the only one to vote "never do it" but I know from discussions with others like myself, that is I am not alone.
  12. If someone here has been booked for filtering, and has kept the infringment notice - perhaps they could scan it to show exactly what they were fined for? Make things a little less anictdotal.....

    This conversation does come up a lot in bike forums, but that is because there is a lot of confusion around this (even with the police) and a lot of grey area. For what it is worth, this is my conclusion on filtering.

    "I will continue to filter through traffic as it saves me time and I consider it safer. Whilst most police will allow this, I acknowledge that I run the risk of being fined for this action."

    I see what you are trying to do Daewoo, but I agree with Bonox in that your poll wont really help you too much. You might filter for 20 years and not get booked. You might get booked tomorrow. It's up to you if the risk is acceptable.
  13. I am aware of the problems you are discussing, but if you are aware of them you can take precautions (and I do), which I feel makes filtering safer than not in alot of situations.
  14. :cry:

    you called me a git


    I can handle the moral choice and I am fine with it.

    I discount the 'it's safer than being rear ended' arguement as really just an excuse.

    I do know of one fatal incident where the motorbike rider clipped a car when the traffic started to move and fell under the rear wheels of a semi-trailer (on the Princes Highway at Kirrawee).

    I am fine with analysing those factors and making a choice.

    I don't even discount the effect that filtering has on traffic... when I worked in Malaysia and 100 bikes would make it to the front of the line of traffic stopped at the lights, sometimes about 10 or 20 rows deep over 6 lanes (they thought nothing of queuing up on the 3 lanes on the 'wrong side' of the road and making all of the cars on both sides of the road wait for them to merge back onto the 'right side' of the road before the cars could move... bikes filtering had a terrible effect on traffic...

    I just don't have any info on the chances of actualy getting stopped and fined for it... then I can choose.

  15. nice poll.
    voted havnt been busted for filtering yet , but i did get busted for using the emergency lane
  16. I know I form a minority here on this forum...and have been ridiculed in the past for it...but I'm still yet to see a "lane filterer" perform it legally here in Adel...and yes, have seen one motorcyclist who passed me on the road, only to see them again on the sidewalk with a cop - it happens, and I drew my own conclusion.

    just take care pplz.
  17. Yeah but you don't really get traffic in Adelaide... :grin: :grin:

    I remember hearing the traffic reoprt on the radio saying that there was a jam at the intersection of Grand Junction Rd and Walkleys Rd...

    I looked at the street signs and I was at the intersection with 4 other cars...

    It is 30km from my house to the CBD, and it isn't uncommon to be in stop start traffic for 80% of that... 1 1/2 hours to travel 30km...

    I wonder why people filter if they can get away with it...

    seriously tho, thanks for your input...

  18. +1
  19. Less thank 10k's from my house a rider was rear-ended while he waited patiently in traffic on Sunnyholt Rd, Kellyville, NSW

    He wasn't "bumped" or "knocked".
    He pushed under the vehicle in front and crushed by lady behind who was trying to get a CD out of the glovebox instead of paying attention to the road.
    The rider died at the scene.

    Filtering is safer than being rear-ended.
    An excuse?


    A pretty f*%&ing good excuse if you ask me ^_^
  20. maybe I should time it one day...I too live about 30ks from the city. One morning, start of this winter = 3 accidents, and 1hr 44min later I got to uni.

    peak hour - it's not uncommon that it takes 40+ mins morning or night.

    I think riding my bike is the most enjoyable start and end to the day - why cut it short?

    oh - and yer Ktulu....that happens ALL the time :roll: .....
    If you are going to take that as a sign to filter, why is it that you don't take the number of motorcycle deaths as a reason to give up riding altogether?