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[NSW] Final SYD Social Gathering for 2006 / XMAS outing, Tue

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Monsta-Mike


    We all know leading up to the xmas/new year time of the year everyone is busy and doing their own thing.

    So on Tuesday 12/12/06 we are planning the final social gathering for Sydneysiders and also make it the xmas gathering.

    Time - 6:...

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  2. I am in and I say we make a night of it!

    Grab a feed, then I say that LPC and Klutu take us for night cruise somewhere! (not macca's at west ryde) :p
  3. Yes, God yes, oh freakin' finally YES - an event that isn't on a Wednesday night! :shock:

    I'll be there. I'll totally be there.

    There will be much hot, steamy Ktulu on steak action, awwww yeah.
  4. Bugga

    I am working that evening :( and I really wanted to meet some more NRers :(
  5. is that place near rhodes? or close by i work at the corporate park
  6. Oh, the Ranch!

    I'll be there with multiple bells on.
  7. sort of, its on epping road ans some other loser road i cant remember.

    oh and i'm in.
  8. Yea the other loser road is Herring Road. So corner of Epping and Herring, North Ryde.
  9. The loser road?? but i ride down that road often...oh wait a minute, your not saying?.....
  10. Hey I LIVE down that road!! :)
  11. And what does that say about you Rom? ;)

    I'm in.
  12. Hehe exactly what I wanted it to say, Sean(y) ;)
  13. Hmmmmm, call me Seany and I might just have to get Panthus to bite you! :evil:
  14. Oh boy... do we have to drag Panthus into this?? :) Besides I put the 'Y' within the brackets so it's a 'take it or leave it' kinda thing...;)
  15. Is Panthus biting people really a threat?

    I mean, some guys...hmm...

    Nails are nice too :wink: ...sometimes...

  16. There was no dragging, Panthus wants to bite you, she just needs an excuse. She said that, I swear!

    hmmmm, this probably isnt selling this end of year function too well, I'm going to stop talking.

    Tim you sound like you want a netrider function at the Oxford Tavern!
  17. Inner

    however my new steed may not make his debut... accessories to be fitted
  18. G'day all, Bundy & I will be there and possibly one or two others.
    Mickyb, I'll talk to u about Tarra Valley, it's on again on the Australia Day weekend, by the way, u missed a magic weekend on the last run.
    I might see u tonite at the drags, I'll be spectating, I have just fitted a new rear tyre to the 'Busa for this coming weekends ride so I am not going to fry it at E.C.
    Tex & Bundy
  19. I'll be spectating also, i won't be able to get there in time.
  20. That's great - me too.

    Been looking for an excuse to have a ride on my old bike. Just made a call and I can borrow my old Harley, as he is looking after another one for someone else, so there will be two of us to discuss the finer points of Harley ownership

    See ya next Tuesday