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[NSW] Final sprint race meeting at OP this weekend.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by rc36, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. The delightful people at St George Motorcycle Club are presenting the final sprint race meeting at Oran Park this weekend (24th/25th October). Practice and Qualifying on Saturday, Racing on Sunday. If you're in the area, drop in and enjoy.

  2. Will you be there RC? I'll be in garage 26, with my four and half times less than your bike.....if you're there, drop in. O:)
  3. Yes, mate, I'll be sharing commentary duties with the cultured David Curtis. Will be quite nostalgic actually, as I started out working with him at Oran Park in 1977.

    Garage 26, eh? I'll make a point of visiting. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for dropping past RC!

    I qualified on the big bike but the weather was so shitty, I ran wets on the motard only. I ran them in a crossentry race to get a feel for them - I think I heard you in commentry mention my coming into pits after a few laps.

    First time on wets and I had a hoot especially passing some faster riders who got caught out on slicks in the first race. :grin: Second race and everyone was on wets so I didn't have the same oppotunity. Third race on a drying track and I circulated for points.

    A fun day for me as I love the track!

    For the last sprint race on a track with a colourful history, it was almost fitting for the day to start dry, become deluged and finish damp as well as having a fair share of incidents - it's that kind of place.

    RIP Oran Park.
  5. Yep, it was an ordinary day to finish racing on an extraordinary track. I guess the mix of weather was fitting, but it did spead most of the races out a lot, as a wet track will tend to do. Lots of nostalgia about yesterday and lots of people sharing memories of days gone by. Disappointing you didn't get the "tractor" out, mate, but you looked like you were having fun anyway and it was good to catch up with you.

    Was great to see my very good friend, Richard Zaja, who first raced at Oran as a "D" Grader in 1987, win one of the Unlimited races. Very fitting I thought.

    Roll on The Six Hour in November.