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[NSW] Feb 24 - South run

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by Darwin, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. With all the south runs coming up, I feel the need for a bit of practice.
    Meet Sylvania Maccas 8:30 for a 8:45 start (9:00am if I know people are coming).
    Will do a quick trip to Berri via the usual haunts.

    All levels of rider welcome

    I tried to post in the calender but no luck.

    Maccas cnr Formosa St and Princes Hwy Sylvania
  2. I'm interested! But need to confirm later in the week.

    What's the address of the mcdonalds?
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  4. if i'm sober enough to ride that morning, i'll be there.
  5. I don't drink, so don't have that problem :)
    Except on special occasions or when its free :grin:
  6. Tomorrow's weather is going to be like todays, so perfect day for a ride :)
  7. Unfortunately I'm going to have to pull out because the roller gate is broken where I keep my bike and I don't have the buzzer for the other gate
    :( :( :( :(
  8. I'm keen. Will be my first long ride though so hope you don't mind putting up with a :newb:

    Just hope I can wake up in time :p
  9. No problem Dan
    Its not a race and if you lose sight, then don't push yourself to catch up, will always be marking the next turn off.

  10. Darwin,

    Are you guys going through Natio???
    If OK myself and a near newbie friend of mine may come along.

  11. I cant make it that early. But would Luv to catch up later in the day. Where abouts are you going down South and what time are you turning around? I could meet you somewhere down there.
  12. All welcome, you can't miss the Black LOUD ZX-14.

    The route

    9:00am leave Sylvania and head through Nasho to Bald Hill for quick catch up stop.
    9:40am leave Bald Hill and head to Mt Kiera, then onto Mac Pass via back road, catch up stop at My Kiera turn off and Mac Pass.
    11:00-11:30am leave Max Pass and take Persons lane through Kanga Vly through that twisty mountain bit and then to Berri pub for lunch (bit expensive but nice atmosphere), catch up stop Kanga Vly near pub opp pie shop.
    1:00pm leave Berri and head to Kiama bends, turn off at Jameroo and to Albion Park, catch up at Albion Park.
    Then head up freeway, Mt Kiera, Bald Hill
    3:00pm, leave Bald and head separate ways and those that wish can follow me through the Nasho.

    That is the day roughly anyway.

    If you are serious about meetup somewhere, then I can PM my mobile number.
  13. ahhhhhhhhhhh I would like to go, but will be almost impossible for me... ](*,)

    :idea: unless I meet you guys at woolongong... for KV bit...

    Darwin can you send me again your mobile? Anyway hows the camera ? :grin:
  14. nah, forget it... can't make it anyway... :(
  15. Hey Lucas
    Pity you can't make it.
    The cam works so well, very happy. Took a 30 minute vid on the bike (mtn) just to see what it came out like.
  16. Darwin/Dan,

    Thanks for the ride today............. nice, easy paced, with the occational squirt.......... :grin: :grin: :grin:

    Darwin, liked the cam and cam bracket..... may I ask where did you buy it and how much $$$ .......
  17. Yep, was a nice day, for sure.
    Cam came from Lucas001, he did a group buy, $165 its a Oregon Scientific ATC2K.
  18. Hope you guys enjoyed the ride my day was booooooooring! :cry:

    Darwin, where did you mounted your camera? I'm trying to mount mine in my oggy knobs, in the pillion seat makes good footages, but I want something to record in front of the bike.
  19. 'twas a nice ride.
    I mounted the cam on the crash protector using the flat base, foam pad and one of the velcro bands. Simple.
    I got some footage, but no way the edit it.