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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by UserInterface, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. I am looking at getting a etoll thing for my bike and looked at RMS and they want $40 deposit and $40 opening balance, is there anyone better or are they the only ones now?

  2. Where are you? Sorry, I should probably know fron the RMS, but to be clear...
  3. I use the Qld one in both NSW and Qld. Go Via I think it is called.
    One account for both car and bike. No need for a tag on the bike. Done via plate matching.
  4. My bad. I'm in Sydney, only have a bike and might use one toll a month, that's why I don't wanna drop $40 on it..
    I just checked out the Go Via and they look OK, do you have to pay a deposit (seems strange when you don't need a tag)
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    Was ages ago I got it and I first got it for the car and added the bike later. I think it was activated via $25 in credit. So, I have a tag for the car and just added the bike to the account with no tag required.
    I had contacted both GoVia and the tolls in NSW and both confirmed that plate matching was done in NSW and Qld without any fee for a bike. Hence no tag required.
    For a bike you can sign up for an account with a tag and aren't required to show that tag.

    Plate matching fees may have changed in NSW so that needs to be checked again but you still have a tag. I've emailed GoVia to check again.

    I think there might be others in NSW that do the same.

    Only drawback with GoVia is that manual top-ups incur a charge.
    They now seem to have a video only account but it incurs a fee for each toll. No fee for the video match on a bike on a regular tag account.
  6. Eastlink in VIC has a similar thing - you can sign up for an account with no tag for your motorcycle.

    Best to query with the toll company involved and see what they say. Surely they'll have something - you won't be the only person with a bike and no car.
  7. check out flowtoll just add number plate for all vehichles & top up online as you need , no tag needed
  8. When I got the tag thingy for my wife's car, some years ago now, the RTA NSW had an infrequent user deal, with $20 "float".

    Later, I added the numbers of the two big bikes on-line, and they magically got covered, even tho the tag was still on the car windscreen.

    Since then, I've added my wife's work car's number, and then, when she sold her own car and got another, I deleted the original number, added the new number, took the tag off the old car and still have it someplace in the garage.

    It all seems to work fine for me.
  9. Thanks guys, I thought there must be more options out there. FlowToll and Go Via both look like better options that what I had looked at. It didn't even occur to me to look at other states. Now just to work out what the best deal is.
  10. Flow toll said that it only works on QLD tolls so that one is out, just waiting to hear from the other..
  11. flowtoll works australia wide I used the harbour tunnel in sydney at xmas & it has been deducted from my account
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  12. it tells you on the flowtoll homepage that it is good australia wide
  13. If your are stuck between the two Sydney ones RMS or ROAM and cant get the intersate ones. Get the RMS one as they dont charge for plate matching the ROAM one does.
  14. Roam express. (Experience).

    1. Never carry on the bike - never been charged photo matching fee!
    2. Had a Photo matching fee for a time I used my car (tag correctly mounted in the car). Spoke (fairly nicely) to them TELLING them that they will be removing the photo matching fee because 'I don't see why I should pay for their infrastructure problems). Instant "Yes Sir".

  15. Does anyone know who does the plate matching - the toll road operator or the tag provider?

    'cos my RMS tag has been good for lots of free rides on the M2 and Lane Cove Tunnel :)
  16. Has to be the toll road operator - think about it (no tag read........)

  17. When i was on roam express and trying to add my motorcycle they said that there will be a fee for every plate matching they do. I guess that changed now. I did like their smaller tags than the rms one but i had move because they said there will be a fee for the matching.
  18. I contacted Queensland Motorways again about the possibility of their being plate matching fees with GoVia accounts used outside of Qld - had heard the situation might have changed.
    Their reply is: