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[NSW] ER6N - service costs ? 1k ? first time ...

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by macason, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. I have a new ER6NL about to go in for its first service, this is the first bike Ive taken in what should my expectation be on price ?

    Ive trawled the net looking for some literature but havent found anything and Id like to have a ball park before I start handing over cash ..


  2. If taken to a small decent bike shop they'll charge you $150-250.

    If taken to a big bike shop they'll charge you $250-350.
  3. hi macason, im a er6nl rider down south as well. do you go out to the homebush sessions? let me know if you are interested in catching up for a ride etc
  4. I have a Er6N and do pretty much all the servicing myself, it's a very easy to work on bike. Though this option may not suit you if you have a warranty.
  5. Took the bike out to red baron in Liverpool, $203 and good service I will happily take it back there....

    Shirrow, I always intended on going to one of the home bush L sessions but never got there on the P.s now I still intend on going just haven't found the time. The mrs is on her Ls now so it would be particularly good for her in particular.

    As soon as this rain goes away, always happy to go for a ride