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NSW Engine swap legality and requirements

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Zbike, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. What is the process involved (legaly) if i were to grab a 2nd hand engine of the same model bike and drop it into my one, what documents ect would i need later on.

    2nd what is required when placing and engine from a diffrent model into my bike,
  2. I believe any licenced mechanic can sign off the paper work which in your case goes to RTA for updates. It may however need your green slip / RWC etc. to accompany it. And no doubt a generous fee.

    If you do it yourself you probably need to then book it in with an RTA member whom would give it a once over.
  3. Just a blue slip for this one. If rego is close wait until then, it will save you an inspection.

    You used to only have to go to the RTA and change the engine number.

  4. You will need a Blue slip. They are obtained from any AUVIS, not your run of the mill safety inspection stations. Check RTA website for a list.
    A blue slip is merely to establish identity of vehicle and roadworthiness.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. there are rules governing how much of a jump in capacity you can do without an engineers certificate.
    when the harleys get their s&s's down here, they go as big as they can before the certificate is needed. i will ask the question :)
  6. thanx
  7. im aussming they are the same place that do identity checks, wen re-registering write offs
  8. Kind of..

    Blue slip from an AUVIS, but RTA don't list them on the web. Call and ask about your local one, and make sure they are not a bike shop. A bike shop, although only looking at it to verify the engine identifier, may see some $$ and say you need to fix something before they hand over the slip. Any AUVIS can do it, doesn't need to be a bike shop.

    Not sure if they need to complete the Full details on the blue slip for an engine number exchange as they would for a "new" registration, but if they do, it may be hard to find anyone willing to do it because for a bike the fee is $30, and a car mechanic can't make any money out of you by saying you need to fix anything.

    If you think you are going to be cheeky, and fit a larger displacement engine into your bike, with the idea it looks like the smaller capacity version, don't. The AUVIS is supposed to check the engine number with the RTA database to verify the capcaity.
  9. You'd probably be better off buying a GPX600, i'm sure it will end up costing you less than converting, especially given the affordability of those 600s. Could get GPZ as well, dad used to have one of those and it was a top bike, sounded awesome too! With the engine upgrade, you'd need to upgrade the brakes aswell, unless you've got the twin disc front then you might get away with it. I'm sure you'd need a new exhaust aswell, given yours is tuned for a 250.