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[NSW] Election - Candidates motorcycle questionnaire

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by gegvasco, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. As part of the MCC's state election initiative, the MCC is canvassing as many election candidates as possible by directing their attention to the main issues riders face in NSW(briefing notes and safety issues) and then asking them what their views are on these via a questionnaire.

    Now if you aren't too cynical about politicians, you may want to see what the candidates from your electorate had to say to the questionnaire. The results of which are being posted as we receive them. We have only had a few responses so far but we are still in the process of emailing all 500+ candidates. It may take right up until the day of the election before we receive a response and get it onto the website so if you are interested to see if your electorate had any candidates respond(ie. give a shit) then have a look just before you head out to vote. The various pages are contained within the highlighted hyperlinks in the text above.

  2. VERY good idea, thanks for the info.
  3. Great work, Greg! Do you need assistance in getting the questionnaire out to all the candidates? Can we speed up the process? We don't want a situation here in NSW like what the poor Vics have to put up with, with a department head who publicly states that he hates motorcyclists.....
  4. Bugger, I did a pre poll vote on Saturday morning.........

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Stopped reading.

  6. Thanks for the offer Paul. We have split the work between a couple of us and by cut/pasting the MCC approved email content it is relatively quick. The electoral commission candidate list has embedded hyperlinked email addresses so it isn't too big a job. So we should be right. Thanks anyway.
  7. Good idea, reaffirms the notion of whoever but im not votin ALP
  8. <shameless bump> We are starting to get some responses from candidates. As expected, only the pro-motorcycling candidates have responded but what it does show is that those that haven't responded by election day either:
    1. don't give a shit about motorcyclists
    2. actually dislike motorcyclists so they won't complete a survey saying so(it could only do damage to them)
    3. are very busy and have prioritised the survey to the bottom of the list of things to do.

    Either way, if you candidate isn't listed it is a good bet they aren't pro-motorcycling.