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NSW Eastern Suburbs Mechanic

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Roybot, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Can anyone recommend a good mechanic in or near the Eastern Suburbs? My SRV Electrics are playing up... the key can turn slightly past on, which then cuts out the power...

    wierd... and dangerous! Happened once when I was riding... lucky it was at slow speed nowhere dangerous.
  2. There's Close motorcycles in Redfern, I honestly wouldn't recommend them due to a few friends experiences, There's another lot on Botany rd somewhere, again i wouldn't go there because they forgot to put the bolts that hold the tank in a mate's bike.

    I'd recommend travelling a bit to get to a good mechanic - i recommend Lloyd Penn up in Atarmon
  3. Stay away from Close at Redfern, and also Beaconsfield Motorcycle Supermarket (BMS Honda) on Botany rd.

    The goose at BMS recently fitted a 190 rear tyre instead of the 180 I asked for and it clearly said 180 on the job card and invoice, that's a small mistake, but more concerning, was when he fitted the front tyre, he loosened the bolts holding the front guard, and told me "all done mate, ready to go" while the front guard was still just sitting on the forks, and the bolts on the ground next to it.

    See Ron at Flywheels (flywheels.com.au) on Mcevoy st, he has a great workshop inc dyno, good team, and just picked up the kwaka dealership. He isn't cheap, but he will do a professional and thorough job, and when he says he did something you can believe him.
  4. Yeah +1 for staying away from close for their shop.

    Sales the guy seems friendly enough - but the shop isn't. Its basically book in what you want, then come back, pay and leave. Thats it.. not my idea of a great mechanic, theres no discussion at all...
  5. Thanks guys, I ended up giving LLoyd Penn a call, they're amazing, tried to help me over the phone and then told me to bring the bike in and they'd see if they could do a free fix before replacing any parts!
  6. that's funny, my experience with close was a good one - I don't get my bike serviced there tho (I get mine serviced at Action) but Close did fix my brakes for free (front and back, adjusted the lever tensions, re-lubed etc. etc.) and so I went to do my pink slip there to repay em back.

    or maybe it was just the one mech there that was nice - cos I only dealt with the one mech.
  7. wow, i think cloce used to be city??? kawasaki??? used to be crap then and i'd necer take a bike to actions. actuly i would not even buy parts from actions. every time i'v spent money there it's just workid out to be a pain.