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[NSW] East Coast RRS Rd1 - Oran Park 6 July - Cancelled

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by D1300, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. The ECRRS was pretty sucessful last year and from a racing perspective they are really well run events.

    It appears that the originally scheduled 3 round series could be abbreviated to 2 rounds with Wakefield Park in more than serious doubt, but in any case the first race is at Oran Park the Sunday after next.

    I know the last round will be at PI, so will any NR Victorians be coming up to do the whole series? In fact, will any NR members from anywhere be there to race or spectate? If so, let me know!
  2. Yeah, me and ferg.
  3. On this subject (kinda).

    I do know that at this point they are short on officials as well, so if anyone wants to help out just PM me your name and I will forward the details to the race secretary, or if you prefer I can send you her contact details.

  4. Got a call from the Race Secretary - the race is cancelled.

    It seems to be a victim of the ridiculous race series oneupmanship and personality battles afflicting us riders. Not much fun racing in NSW at the moment.

    The Phillip Island round is still on. Originally Rd 3 of a 3 round series, it'll be Rd 1 of a one round series.

    I am unhappy.

  5. Dean, plenty of racing in Vic, if you can afford the travelling.
  6. ECRR Cancelled


    Its a shame there's not much going on at club level in NSW.The ECRR rnd at PI last year was an enjoyable meeting. I dare say things will improve next year if the ARRC series finds a new promoter, it may open the door in NSW.

    good luck..

  7. BK#48 we'll see what happens next year mate - I'm not sure if there be any fallout from any of this at MNSW because it's not good to have last minute changes to the calendar. I'm just a club racer with no interest in the politics of it all but I'm sure there's a lesson somewhere in this, I hope the right people make sure it doesn't happen again.

    Rog, my postion is not too bad, we still have 4 races to run this year in our series, two in NSW and two out. My main gripe is that it was two close to home, easy to get to, NSW rounds that got dropped.

    Anyway, nothing to be done about it - track days here I come!
  8. OK but remember, left glove first.