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[NSW]e-tag, can I not buy one?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by quantocks, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. might seem like a dumb question, but since I don't actually have a car, there is no need for me to pay 80 dollars or whatever it is for a tag i'll never use. I want to go over the bridge in a few days and I used to carry coins, but it's so bloody painful stopping, glove off, fish out coins, etc.

    Is there anyway I can just link my plates to an account I set up without getting a stupid tag? I heard you could get passes, or stickers to ride through but with all the lanes now e-tag only, I don't know what to do.

    *edit* lady at the RTA in North Sydney said I had to fit it to my windshield and pay for it if it got wet or damaged.
  2. I don't think the toll operators quite know what to do with motorcycles - I already have a car tag, so I just added another tag to that account - had to still pay the $40 deposit though. You get your money back when you return the tag.

    The funny (?) part was, though, that when they sent me the tag (I had specifically requested one for a motorcycle) it came with a notice saying "this tag is not suitable for a motorcycle - please call this number...". After half an hour on hold I finally got through, to be told that they don't really have a solution, but you link your number plate to the account and they charge you based on photos.

    So - I'd suggest calling and asking to have an account but no tag - see how you go. If you get anywhere let us know! I'll trade in my useless tag and get my $40 back...
  3. Re: e-tag, can I not buy one?

    That's cr*p - someone will steal your tag. I was advised to put it in my jacket pocket, and they fully expect it to not work, hence the photo system...
  4. ROAM customer service just said I can opt to not get a tag at all, and just have my number plate on my account.
  5. Great result - thanks for the update - I'll try to get the same
  6. RTA tag is supposedly the best one, zero ongoing costs. Pretty sure one of the others charge (or wanted to) a minimum fee to keep the tag open.

    Get the tag, and leave it at home and ride.
  7. I refuse to put the number plate on my account. Why?

    Well, because they don't have a motorcycle tag they can't charge you an admin fee. so when you ride through without a tag they can only charge you the toll.

    Then they have to raise an invoice and they have to process the invoice once you pay it (you can fax most of them your tag details).

    The result is it costs them more to chase your money than they get from the toll.

    I wonder what would happen if all bikes started doing this?
  8. The NSW operators waive the photo-matching fee, because there's no way we can safely carry an eTag. Still need to get the bike registered under an etag account, just don't have to carry it.

    Edit: Also, +1 Toecutter. Every etag supplier except the RTA seems to charge a few dollars in administration fees just for driving on a tollroad not owned by the same company that supplied your etag. And they have the gall to demand a minimum spend every six months, too. They can get fcuked. RTA tag for the win.

    I asked the lady at the RTA "what are we supposed to do?", and it's basically:
    * Mount it on the bike where it can be stolen or get wet (user pays for new tag)
    * Seal it with silicone sealant... and not get your bond back when you return the device, because it's been tampered with.
    * Carry it in your jacket pocket... where it could make crash injuries worse by concentrating impact forces. Or shatter, and then stab you.

    Until they come up with a solution, it's photo-matching instead.
  9. Incorrect

    Know a few who've complained about the admin charge of roads like M7 where clearly signposted "48 hours to pay", despite them coming from Vic where bikes are not charged

    There is no admin fee payable if you have an account
  10. They don't charge you the admin if you supply a tag number even if you go through in the car.

    The point I was making is they can't legally charge you an admin fee if their system doesn't allow you to pay the toll.

    Either way they are out of pocket if I don't register my vehicle details with them.
  11. There's really no excuse for them not having this sorted - it's not as though bikes are so vanishingly rare that it's a negligible problem that has to be dealt with case-by-case.

    By far the simplest solution would be to not toll bikes: and bikes *are* rare enough that they'd probably end up breaking even or ahead on revenue through not having to chase the tolls. Of course, that'd encourage more people to ride, which would reduce road congestion. Just too sensible, I guess.
  12. To be honest guys E-way have come up with a system for bikes. it's a new smaller tag and it fits into a velcro pouch that help you put it on and off your handle bars. I'm not sure how water proof it is.


    See "winter 2008 newsletter"
  13. Most Tag Companies are linked to Tollway operators, but are not the same...

    Most tag companies, with the exception of the NSW RTA eTag charge you if you rack up less than $50 in 6 months in charges or something... that is Why I ditched the Eway eTag and got the RTA one...

    Disadvantage is that you con only get one 'back statement' (ie, 3 months in arrears') online without paying, so if you are slack like me, you always forget to print out the statement, and can't claim back the cashback...

    You register your bike number plate against the account, and don't have to worry about the tag... leave it at home or in your car...

    They don't charge bikes or cars to bill your account if you have your number plate registered against the account... they do the number plate matching and bill the account as if you had your tag mounted... you register the plate all online...

    All tollroads have a system to pay if you don't have a tag, it is the 1800 number, same as if you don't have a tag in your car... if you don't pay, they will send you the bill plus a $10 admin fee... if you don't pay that, they will cancel your rego...

    There are no cash lanes on the Sydney Harbour Bridge or the Sydney Harbour Tunnel...

    Many advise against wearing the tag in your jacket in case you bin it... Not something I would worry about...

  14. cancelled the two months I had remaining on my scooter rego last year, my point was to be that I had no way of paying it so why should I pay their enforcement?

    this time I want to actually get a tag :/
  15. When I got my tag, I got it from Beep (Cross City Tunnel). The reason was that they did not charge you a deposit for the tag. This means that they where not holding my money for a tag , when obviously if you have a tag, its not very likely that you are going to ever hand it back. They have now passed there E-tag account system to Tollway. I wonder how much interest these companies are making on the deposit money they are holding for there customers tags. I have 2 bikes, car and truck all linked to the one tag.
  16. Not to mention the 'Balance' of your account that 10000000s of people pay upfront and draw down on... I wouldn't mind that sitting in my 'dollarmites' account...

  17. I never get toll notices on the bike. I don't have my bike linked to my tag. I ride on the white lines when going thru toll gates and have never had a notice. Not sure if its the technique or the lack of tag linked to my bike that saves me, but I've got no complaints. I take tolls roads a couple of times a month atleast.

    I cop them all the time in the car tho and thats with the device mounted correctly. 1/4 times it'll just not beep, a few days later i got mail. That's karma for you.