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[NSW] Dual parking fine for same offence

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by zeddicus, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    A month or two ago I received a fine for stopping in a 'No stopping' zone. $197. Fine was issued at 12:27am on X day of Y month.

    I paid the fine and all was well, or so I thought.

    A few days ago I received a fine reminder in the post for a fine I'd not paid, for "Parking in a no parking zone" at $84 and issued at 12:27am on X-1 day of Y month.

    Now, on both days my bike was in the exact same spot. I received a ticket (attached to bike) for the fine issued on day X, but not day X-1.

    I have a photo of the sign in question which states 'No stopping 11pm - 6am Friday and Saturday' and below that 'Motorcyle Parking - all other times' or similar.

    My question is, given the fine for day X-1 is technically not correct, will I be able to sucessfully dispute it? Or will they simply change the offence to 'Disobey no stopping sign' and force me to pay $197 again?

  2. What's the problem with posting the correct date?

    Anyway, if you got pinged twice for parking there, where's the problem? If fine 1 is less than fine 2 then I wouldn't be whinging.

    Aside from this you must be stiff to get a parking ticket in the middle of the night...
  3. didnt read op properly
  4. Is it possible that you did in fact get pinged on both days but;

    A) The second time, you got done by a bike friendly Ossifer, hence the lower fine (different catagory)
    8) Said Ticket came off/fell off your bike?

    It is strange that the time is the same on both tickets. :-s

    If the ticket has been issued using S.E.I.N.S, I'd be asking for a copy of the pic taken by the Issuing Officer. (Both tickets).
  5. I think it very dodgy that the time is the same to the minute.

    That, combined with the fact I never received the first ticket, combined with the fact the supposed offence is incorrect for the signage, leads me to believe they're trying it on.

    I'll refute it with SDRO and ask for a photograph of my vehicle.
  6. FYI, received a letter recently cancelling the fine for "Parking in a no parking zone". As I'd already paid the other fine, they considered it 'settled'.

    If i'd received both fines originally, I reckon I'd have been in with a chance at cancelling both. As it is, I've paid the expensive one and been spared the cheaper.