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(NSW) Driving Range Golf AND a Ride

Discussion in 'NSW' started by lowercase, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. Friday 17th Sept

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  2. Saturday 18th Sept

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  3. Sunday 19th Sept

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  1. Well, I want to go to the golf driving range, and I would also like a Wisemans Ferry lunch (good steak and some chips or mash)...

    So, if we go for a ride, grab some lunch, and then go play some golf... I'd be a seriously happy woman!

    DATE!?!?: Saturday 18th September

    WHERE!?!?:Meet up at Dural Maccas 11:00-11:15am for a leaving time of 11:30am:

    Ride to Wisemans Ferry at a slow & steady pace (speed limits and just to enjoy the ride etc). Eat a delicious lunch and just chill out. Once we've stuffed our faces with excellent food and even better convo, we'll head to golf.

    Driving range: http://bit.ly/cyzEUe

    This is a ride for anyone who wants to go for a cruise, hit some golf balls and eat some food. Learners are DEFINITELY welcome to come along.

    Lemmie know if you're in :)



  2. I prefer the Friday or Saturday
  3. Ha! I was just at Dural maccas today. Went to the MCAS to buy a tinted visor and just took whatever roads looked best at the time. Ended up there.

    I'd be up for it on the Saturday :)
  4. Saturday is looking good in that case... I'll prob do basically the exact same thing on the Friday too, but do Putty Road and go bowling instead :D

    Dural maccas is 10 mins down the road from me, so it's always been an easy meet point + fuel 30 seconds away and people can grab a coffee prior to heading off.

    Tinted visor = win!
  5. I'm good all three of those days Pokey.
  6. All three!? You taking a sickie on Friday, or did you quit your job finally, Jobin!? :-O
  7. Anyone else up for this ride?
  8. Too early to book it in Eddie!
    I may come as I love the Wisemans ferry ride. But the Saturday coincides with the learners session.
  9. We'll be going learners pace... Just skip a learners session? :)
  10. but who will everyone laugh at if I am not there... ;)
  11. Im in
    fri or sat is fine for me
    I aint any good at golf but i lurveeee a good excuse for a ride
  12. I just realised its at 11.30 any chamce of it being earlier
  13. If it's earlier I don't think I'd be hungry for lunch... how much earlier?
  14. they'll find someone :) or they'll just laugh about previous things you've done? *hugs*
  15. Hey Holly,

    Ben's gone and suggested we bring the whole Ls mob if its on Sat. How do you feel bout that?
  16. Definitely :D The more the merrier! I'll need numbers to ensure we'll be okay to rock up to the golf (ie, no other groups) ASAP.
  17. Herro!
    Chris and I were thinking of slapping the L's session onto the end of the ride/lunch.
    So at the moment we were not thinking of doing the golf, but that doesn't mean that if the L's that want to stay for golf can't.
    As an idea it could be that we meet you at 11.30am, head to wisemans for lunch and leave at around 2pm back to Homebush for the L's session.
    This is all pending approval by the mob.
  18. But, taking one day off the learning stuffs will help. You vent all your frustration by trying to hit the golf ball as far as possible. :)

    Either or, if you guys don't come, it means I don't have to call and clarify, and calling and clarifying is annoying :)
  19. Holly,

    we're in. Never have any idea of how many will turn up but I've asked them to post here to let you know if they want to stay for golf.

    cu Sat.