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[NSW] Driver assaulted on Broadway

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by alexanderino, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. Hi, all.

    At around 1855 hrs. AEST, I rode up to the red lights at the Broadway-City Rd. intersection, away from the CBD, in the middle lane. Immediately to my right, a scene was unfolding. Two females had gathered outside the driver's door and were yelling at him. He stepped out, and both of them pounced on him, yelling, screaming and stomping away. They were ferocious and pulled no punches. He did nothing to defend himself, and was left bruised and battered. They may have taken off with his driving glasses, too, for they were nowhere to be found.

    No one stepped in to intervene, of course. After they left the scene, some guys and I went to the driver's aid. He was shaken, and was worried that he would not be able to reach home safely without his glasses. I offered to accompany him to ensure he did, but he denied my offer. I'm now mad that I wasn't stubborn enough ](*,)

    If anyone witnessed this, please let me know. Additionally, let me know how I can be of assistance. Unfortunately, I'm useless at remembering faces. Both the females are of Aboriginal descent.

    Another moment when a discreet video camera would have been useful.
  2. And what was your reason?
  3. The same as everyone else's: 'Violence against women: Australia says no'.
  4. The guy was in a no win situation, if he didn't defend himself he got belted up...

    if he did an lost then he's automatically a wuss...

    if he won then he's automatically a woman beater.

    And who says the 'double standard' is dead!
  5. That's sexist! :p

    Besides, there are ways to intervene without thumping anyone.

    EDIT: And its sexist in numerous ways --in both directions, too.
  6. it is possible to defend yourself without attacking, but it is quite easy to have 'had enough' and lash out in retaliation
  7. "B1tches" are different.

    I'd have defended myself, sheesh.
  8. Maybe if one is trained in self defence!

    Most of us only know enough to swing wildly and hope to hit something...
  9. Easy to say, but what are some specific examples of such ways of defence or intervention, which are both effective and do not contravene the law when the assailant is female and you're male [and not a law enforcement officer]? Remember, in practice the law favours one gender over the other, even though it theoretically should not.
  10. If witnesses see the women approach for an assault and the man successfully defends himself and knocks out the retarded woman, the law will see things his way. Especially if there is a street full of witnesses.

    I personally would not put up with that sort of behaviour, a woman or man encroaches on my space and they have themselves a problem...
  11. I dont think the irrational codes of white knightery ever accounted for some psycho slags attacking you in the street in the 21st century.
  12. For intervention, simply wandering over and/or saying something is an option which is both easy to think of and simple to enact.
  13. Also, they could have been massive women... If i was a small guy (say under 5'8" and 70 kilos) and there were 2 massive Islander women of 120kg beat the snot out of someone, i would only try to help out indirectly. That was probably not the case in this instance though.
  14. ...I think it's a hard call to intervene in scuffles or fights!!.... especially if you have no idea about the people involved or the circumsstances etc.

    I knew of a guy who was trying to break up a fight (without knowing the people involved, nor the background)... they turned on him and he lost an eye!
  15. If a woman hits a man, she should be hit back, Its called self defence.
    and it does not matter wether it is a male or female hitting you.
    Some of these female bruisers are over the top. and use these laws to get away with it.
  16. When the existing laws and their real-world application are altered to reflect this reality, then intervention could become a prudent option for the pragmatic onlooker.
    I see. And what, in your opinion, would be their response?
  17. I have no idea. I know even less about them/the situation than you do.

    Keep in mind that I'm not trying to say anyone has to do something, I'm just trying to point out that there are a variety of things which can be done. Its up to the individual to decide what to do (or not do), but in my opinion it is important that they make the decision, rather than dumbly watching or ignoring it outright.
  18. I think tweetster is right, getting involved in other fights is generally a really bad idea...you have no idea who these people are and how they act.

    The whole male female issue is unfortunately still an issue even though it should not be. I just feel bad for the victim - they are so totally programmed not to hit any female even though theres rationally no reason to abide by such nonsense in the situation.
  19. Did I miss something on Today Tonight? ;)

    Is there an epidemic of blokes getting bashed by sheilas and judges and magistrates letting them get away with it?
  20. easy answer? (for a punch) as the hand comes toward you, use the palm of your hand to direct the blow across your body.
    if they use their right arm, you use your left, directing the blow to your right. also move to your left if you can, or if you need more room (using this method, if they put enough weight behind it, 'missing' the target *you moving the hit* will send them on their ass and you've done no wrong legally or morally) it is never against the law to change the direction of a hit by moving the hand (or yourself if you can) allowing the assailant to go ass-up.
    if you need to take a blow, for whatever reason, take it in the arm/leg wherever possible. guard your head at all costs (yes that means sacrificing your goolies). a blow to the correct spot on the head (even unintended) can knock you out, or worse. your nuts are less important than your heartbeat.

    i don't agree with clobbering ANYONE, but i WILL defend myself when needed. but like my ol' man always said, the best defence is to not be there (or to get the fk out asap)

    and ZRX - i have no formal training as such. i was taught by my ol' man almost 20 years back (would have been black belt had he not missed his grading by breaking his leg in a work accident)