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NSW double demerits this weekend

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by waedwe, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. Just a heads up to nsw riders or people travelling to nsw this aussie day weekend, that even though the nsw governement legislated away the long weekend and we now have tuesday off, that the double demerit period remains
    Australia Day double demerit period
    Double demerit points apply to all speeding and seatbelt offences from Friday 22 January to Tuesday 26 January inclusive.

  2. What bollocks from the NSW govmint.
    Just revenue raising. It is not a long weekend at all ! What BS. Out and out ripoff.
    Pretty soon all "weekends" will be double demerits, just wait and see.
    All in the name of road safety of course, as we are all too stupid to be trusted on the roads, so why not fine us all double or triple ? ](*,)
  3. Didn't worry the idiot with the P Plates on a red V8 Holden ute on the Picton road a couple of hours ago

    you know how you travel along, just PRAYING for a cop to be round the next corner :LOL:?
  4. Well Hornet, did He answer? Was there a cop?
  5. no, not all my prayers get answered, at least not in the way I want. I think it's got something to do with pleasing myself :LOL:

    Actually, we only saw one Highway Patrol vehicle all day, and he was going the other way. That said, half a kay from home there was one in a tin-pot back street of Oak Flats booking some poor stiff :(.
  6. I think we were about the only people on the road with today who even KNEW that it was a DD weekend.
  7. when you call it a DD weekend it suddenly sounds so much more appealing :LOL:
  8. cool Mac Pass pic for the avatar, Wayne (y)
  9. yes was taken by oldbellhelmet a few weeks back, he did well thats the cropped down version
  10. Just interested, we currently don't have DDs here in Vic, long may it last. Is there any hard evidence that it has any effect of people's driving/riding behaviour? Does it effect your decisions in riding/driving? What are people's feelings on its effectiveness?

    This West Australian Report (PDF) suggests that there is some improvement in crash statistics. I am less convinced and maybe it is higher police visibilty during DD periods that is the cause of reduced crash stats. The report concludes:

    The data available for this evaluation indicates that the Double Demerit legislation has been
    effective in its core objective – reducing the number of crashes on WA roads during Double
    Demerit periods, in particular, in reducing the daily average number of fatal crashes overall
    and those associated specifically with speeding, drink driving and non-use of restraints.
    This is in comparison to non-Double Demerit periods where in most cases the average
    number of crashes on WA roads has increased between 2001 and 2006.

    Interestingly a high percentage of people perceive DDs as revenue raising and ineffective according to the report. This perception is particularly strong in males and in older males particularly. (???)
  11. I personally am more cautios during double demerits, not only is it a time when theres more vehicles on the road, the double demerits are big deterrant, much better than any fine. when a simple overtke could lead to a instant licence loss you do think more about your speed
  12. I didnt know about it today, but it certainly explained the cop sitting on the on-ramp of the m4 westbound at Russel St Leonay at the foot of the mountains, a whole 30 metres after the speed drops from 110 to 90.
  13. Somebody made a boo-boo...
  14. We DID have a chuckle yesterday when a dozen fully-kitted sports-bike riders blurred past the servo at Kulnurra, heading north :LOL:.
  15. At least double demerits there is no fine increase so for once we can't claim it is just revenue raising, if it works or not i do not know for others but i as i said am more wary of speed during the times
  16. I assume this means the Jindy weekend will be DD tooNational
  17. Safety in numbers GBM

    anhoo, Brownyy will do the cop scouting anways! he's always was out in front (in a purely responsible way of course)
  18. to the cop in Parramatta who failed the subtlety-test late last night on the deserted Great Western Highway:
    Next time you're trying to entrap a rider into helping your quota along, please refrain from ominously pausing at green lights before doing a u-turn to stalk me. Instead, if you'd like to discuss extra taxation, please forward all your enquiries straight to my accountant.

    The garish mustard-yellow Ford FPE doesn't help either.
  19. I can't think of a reason why it should be, it's just a normal weekend, not a Public Holiday or anything like that
  20. isn't it labour day long weekend :-s