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[NSW] double demerit points/fines speeding from fri to end of monday

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by evelknievel75, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Eeekkk....and given I'm a learner...I best be a good girl.

    Now...how to be a good girl...
  2. Is it double fines now that isn't in the link????
  3. dude no they only hit you for double the points
  4. Cool nothing surprises me with the rta so I wasn't sure
  5. It's easy, good girls go home and go to bed.....

    Ooops sorry wrong thread.... apologies.....:angel:
  6. Just leave the bike in the garage and go kick a ball around - don't give these ****ers an excuse.
  7. yeah, another weekend of revenue raising !!! :(
    Bike will remain in the garage.
  8. Two onramps on the m4 (prospect hwy and burnett st) this morning had cops sitting in their cars with lasers aimed along the straight. Was half expecting it and slowed down, guy that overtook me got chased down by the party machine.

    Not a bad job for morning peak, eh.
  9. Every major road in and out of Sydney will be covered with multiple coppers. I counted no less than four doing speed checks northbound out of Sydney on the Sydney-Newcastle freeway last double demerit weekend.

    Needless to say; I'm leaving my bike in the garage also. I get my full license on Monday (actually, Tuesday because the RTA will be closed. FFS.) and I don't want to blow it before then.
  10. Sweet...

    I'm going offroad for the weekend, they'll be too busy on the freeways!
  11. hahaha....good girls are good till they hit the bed! ;)
  12. I drove to Goulburn and back today for a funeral, saw not one single Police vehicle of any sort on the notorious Hume Highway.
  13. saw them all over the city on foot and car/bike.
    even saw them checking taxis outside mcdonalds on park and pitt st.
  14. they were just checking to make sure none of the taxi-drivers were making off with their free Big Macs :LOL:
  15. HWP were over Mona Vale road like flies on shit today.
  16. I am glad we missed them then, didn't see any on Monda Vale road. Albeit I only went from McCarrs creek to Forest way, but they tend to sit on the grass in the middle.
  17. that explains why there were three hwp at kensington maccas friday morning.

    Also re double demerits. I believe its only double for speeding, seat belts and possibly red lights, and +1 point for everything else.
  18. Nah, lilley, everything is what it normally is except for speeding and seatbelt (and helmet offences).