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NSW Double Demerit Period coming up

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Ljiljan, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. Christmas / New Year double demerit period
    Double demerit points apply to all speeding and seatbelt offences from Friday 24 December 2010 to Monday 3 January 2011 inclusive.

    Ride and Drive carefully people.

  2. thank you sir, I always forget this!
  3. Thanks Lilley.

    FYI, Operation "**** people over" is on in the South and the Nasho especially. FOUR police cars were on duty Saturday. None of the usual hiding spots.
  4. Went through Nasho before 7am on Sunday, nothing.

    Went through Nasho about 8:30am, 2 patrol cars, one unmarked red Commodore HWP car.
  5. Krispy Kreme opens at 7
  6. Took the young fella for a drive through on Saturday at about 2pm...

    - Patrol car in front of us on the road
    - RBT between the Princes Hwy and the main north gate
    - HWP sitting on the end of Audley weir, pointing back across it.
    - Another patrol heading north as we were going south.
  7. boo urns

    to think i could've been fanging around all day but stayed in first most of the time out of pure fear.
  8. You can still have fun on the corners.