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NSW Double demerit ends tomorrow - anyone doing any riding?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by AznCruiser, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. They finished today. Have been in NSW with a group of netriders for the last 2 days and not a single cop in sight, all good.
  2. Seen them patrolling around here like mad :p. Must still be a few who havent met quota.
  3. You have been lucky, I went up the pacific to ballina and there was a cop every 100kms minimum.

    Anyway I will probably get out for a lap tomorrow night or maybe Wednesday.
  4. We were always taking back roads and stayed away from any townships. Though we did see heaps of the road signs saying police targeting speeding so was careful.
  5. Seems like the cops were camping around my area during the DD period, although I actually welcome cop presence in the area during the school holiday period. These out of control kids nowdays are always breaking into houses for their Passion Pop money.

    Im up for a cruise along Old Pac tomorrow if any ones interested (if everything goes to plan).
  6. My guess is everything (that isn't wet) will be heavily guarded tomorrow. At around 1am otw home some knob was tailgating me as I drove home on the M4 near the speed camera. Brake checked him as hard as I could and who would've thought it was an unmarked cop car.

    They'll still be keen for a while.
  7. same thing happened to my brother.....tailgating unmarked cop......they pinged him when he sped off after not moving off his tail.
  8. ... or they know you're in the area and are waiting for you to do something naughty :LOL:

    Southern Highlands has been quiet by my observation, I did a couple of loops of the Pass and the Valleys, and didn't see any cars, but the roads were chaotic with thousands of tourists, so the riding wasn't much fun anyway

    but today ........ :)
  9. Yeh I've found the police presence these DDs to be very low.

    Speaking of dodgy unmarked cop driving one trick I've seen a number of times when stuck behind them on freeways is that they move into the left lanes when approaching the on ramps then pick out a rival Holden or ford and pin it next to them blocking them from merging hoping for the other car to drag them off. Dirty stuff!
  10. I got pinged by the HWP. I overtook someone on a long straight stretch with no oncoming cars anywhere in sight. The cop was hiding behind a sign at the end of the stretch. Im sure a kitten sometime, somewhere, died because of me.
  11. Oh bummer. My last dd history in NSW was in Griffith 14 years ago. Since then I have hated the scheme and hope they get rid of it for your sakes.

    While riding around NSW for the last 2 days I was cautious and paranoid to say was the least as even getting pinged for a minor offence when doubled really stings both the money and demerit points.
  12. After the disgraceful effort I put in on this morning's commute (lost the front wheel not once, but TWICE!), I feel I definitely need a shakedown ride this weekend.
    Putty Road, early Saturday...
  13. i somehow got away with being over the blood alcohol limit and not displaying my L plates on boxing day...and yes i was stopped for a breath test
  14. Cnuts!
  15. On this note i should probably mention that my fiance told me of an accident she passed on her way home from work on the M5.....

    She tells me that there was an unmarked police car with its party lights on as she approached what seemed like an accident. As she passed it by, sure enough it was an unmarked police car that had positioned itself nicely up the arse of another vehicle; so all of you who were tailgated should rejoice in knowing that this knob head behaviour netted NSW police a nice little bill over the double demerits period.

  16. :rofl: that will teach those aholes
  17. Am I getting old and cynical if I wonder if the cops pinned something on the front driver?
  18. One lucky dude.
  19. i know hey

    i was shitting bricks soon as i crested the hill on Quakers Hill Parkway and saw all 6 cop cars and officers lined up. the only excuse i could come up with was to act dumb and be like "my L plate must have fallen off"

    Mind you, that once i had run my errand and was returning via the same route (10mins later), they were packed up and gone!