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[NSW] Don't toll bikers: Greens

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by GuzziNeil, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. Don't toll bikers: Greens

    The New South Wales Greens are calling for lower tolls for motorbike riders in a bid to encourage people to use more environmentally friendly transport options.

    The Greens say increased petrol prices are pushing up motorbike sales, especially in areas poorly serviced by public transport.

    Motorcyclists in Victoria do not have to pay tolls and riders in Queensland have their tolls reduced.

    Greens MP Lee Rhiannnon says there are great benefits to keeping motorcyclists on the road.

    "Motorcycles do use less fuel and create fewer emissions in their production and in their use," she said.

    "Clearly, motorcycles result in less congestion on our roads, there's fewer parking problems and less road wear and tear."
  2. Yes but the politicians just don't like us.
  3. I'm pleasantly surprised. I'll be even more surprised if she isn't found beaten to death with a bicycle pump and dumped in a recycling bin...
  4. It's a shame that e-tolls are now feasible.

    Way back when in the UK, bikes were largely exempt from tolls (some officially, some de-facto) because of the traffic hold-up potential of riders having to fart around with gloves, zips, wallets and so on.

    No such excuses with an e-tag :( . Not that we've got tolls in WA yet.
  5. When you talk as much shit as the Greens do, sooner or later you're going to say something that made sense, if only by accident.
  6. good policy i say.....but i found out you can do the harbour bridge sticker and get a e tol. then link them in and leave said etoll at home.....they pick your plate out if you go through the etoll booths and its still under the quartely bridge sticker...
  7. shhh. Some makes sense, but this doesn't

    don't anyone rush to tell her now!
  8. Hey I might actually use toll'd roads if they do that!
  9. Not true anymore unfortunately. We pay 50% of the car rate on Eastlink (just opening now).
  10. aaaaah, i remember the days the sydney harbour bridge was 20c for cars and 5c for bikes. now its $3 for both. :twisted:

    i'm sure there could be a few people on this board who are going to tell me they remember it at thrupence
  11. It used to cost me 2 guineas.
  12. No - the only possibility is Hornet600. I think Paul does remember the opening... :p