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NSW Do I need to Transfer Rego if it's already run out before purchase?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by chokpa, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    Purchased a bike from a guy earlier this month. The rego had already run out at the start of June. Do I still need to do transfer rego or do anything like that?

    I did my ankle in so I haven't got another pink slip for it yet so I havent gone back to rego.

    I fear if I had to then i may already be too late and i'll be fined :(
  2. An application must be taken (not mailed) to a motor registry within 14 days of purchasing a vehicle or a late application fee of at least $99 will be charged.
  3. Even if it already ran out of rego? My idea was that there'd be nothing to transfer?

  4. You'll be up for a new plate fee and a blue slip at least when you go to re-register it.

    Call RTA, have found them very helpful, and let us know they say
  5. blue slip = pink slip right?

    Do i still get done for a plate fee if it still has its plates on it?

    Yeah ill give them a ring tomorrow

    edit: Oh wait I think blue slip is what you have to get if its been out of rego for more than 3 months
  6. Blue slip is what you need to register an unregistered vehicle.
    Pink slip is what you need to renew the registration of a registered vehicle.

    In most peoples experience, the blue slip is a little more thorough mechanical check, but if the bike is in good nick then you should be pretty right.
    I do believe that if you are allowed to ride the bike to a mechanics to have it inspected whilst unregistered, provided you write yourself a note to state that is where you are taking it and for what purpose - in case you get pulled over. Dont quote me on it, someone needs to back me up on that :p.
  7. The original owner tried that but you need a pink slip or something like similiar.

    I think pink slip is okay if its hasnt been unreg'd for 3 months or more.

    didn't get a chance to call.

    I hope my car mechanic does a dodgy one and just gives it to me. The tyres have a spot where its nearly bald but without a pink slip and rego i cant move it to a place that can fix it.

    Might end up taking the back wheel off, but that'll take another week of not regoing it = not riding it

    Life is pain
  8. This is correct

  9. and the reason why you SHOULDNT get a pink slip
  10. You could have called RTA instead of telling us all you're after a dodgy inspection station to pass ...

    If you're after cheap transport, get a bus ticket ](*,)
  11. never said i was trying to find someplace dodgy. I'm hoping the mech can accept that its just to move the bike to a place that can slap on a new tyre.

    Might end up waiting another week and taking the wheel off and packing it in the car.

    The annoyances of buying an unrego'd vehicle

  12. oh but you did sir
  13. Wasn't asking anyone for a dodgy mechanic, i.e. not trying to find one. Only going to try because it was close.

    I know that it's just so I can take it somewhere to get a new tyre on. Fuss over it like old women if you must
  14. if the registration renewal was less than 3 months ago, you need to do a transfer of registration and another pink slip. If it is more than three months old you need to do a transfer of registration plus a blue slip plus all registration fees. This method can get quite costly. Do it before registration lapses completely (three months) to save yourself a lot of bother and hassle.