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[NSW] Disqualified License

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by onibaka, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. I'm about to get my license back after been disqualified for 18 months. This is something i regret doing and have learnt from it.

    I called up the RTA today to confirm when i will be able to get my license back. They told me that i can get it back on friday, however i would still need serve another 3 months for the lost of my dermit points.

    So just letting you all know that a court disqualification and suspension doesn't go together.

    What if my licence has been disqualified by a court?

    If your licence is disqualified by a court, no demerit points will be cleared from your record during the period of disqualification. This means that if you reached or exceeded the number of allowable points before the disqualification, you will be required to serve an additional period of refusal at the end of the disqualification. If you have exceeded your demerit points limit, you will be advised by the Motor Registry when you apply for a licence. You will also be given a Notice of Refusal. Unrestricted licence holders may apply to serve a good behaviour period instead of the refusal.

    Disqualification by a court does not replace a demerit points action against your licence. This means that if you are convicted by a court of an offence that attracts demerit points, the points will be added to your record, even if you receive a disqualification or the court dismisses the matter under Section 10(1) of the Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act 1999.
  2. Wow, that sux...

    At least on the bright side you've waited 18 months, whats another 3!

  3. That does suck!! How can you be punished twice essentially???
  4. I bet you are dabbing at the moment.
  5. The RTA is a law unto itself.

    If you get done for speeding and defeat the charge in court, they still apply the demerits to your license: regardless of what a judge has ruled.
  6. I just gotta take this one on the chin. Not much you can do about it. The sentence may be harsh, but i have definately learn from my mistake. Was hoping to get back on my bike soon too :(
  7. As suggested earlier, I don't think they are giving to you on the chin. I see you squarely bent over.
  8. It begs the question though, what did you do to get a 18 month suspension and lose 12 points?
  9. excessive speed during double demerits would do it.