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[NSW] Dirt Ride Sydney's Northern Beaches, Sun Apr 8th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Alex

    Easter Sunday leaving just after 9.00am from MOrgan Rd Belrose. This is mountain bike track, but is some good fun riding down to Narrabeen's Academy of Sport.

    Trail bikes should have no issues, but dual sports on road tyres will be challenged. Ther...

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  2. Bugger, if only I had a dirt bike. Loaner anyone? :grin:
  3. Is looking like a go for me.

    I hope my 50/50 tyres can cope with it.

  4. Bugger.

    One more reason for me to get a TTR250...
  5. sounds good,
    are we talking the corner of forest way and morgan road meet up point??
    hey Will, wanna travel up together?? 8.30 at newport??
  6. Hope to see you guys there. I'm coming from Wakehurst Parkway with the guy who bought my KLR on dual sport tyres. Ride will only be a few hours at most.

    Please note this is not the Red Hill area with all the boulders and where MX'ers go to hone their skills. It is all dirt with some easy erosion mounds and a steep section or two.

    Meeting point is where the mountain bikes gather.....from Forest Way. go down Morgan Rd, and then up the top of the hill (after the long straight) and it is on the left hand side. If you pass "Whale Rock" you've gone too far.

    See you there about 9.00am - will leave soon after.

    Call me any probs on 0412 949 273.

    Cheers Alex
  7. How long is this trip going to take? Have a friend from Melbourne that is going to be in Sydney over easter and sunday is the only time I can go and see her :mad: :mad:

  8. do bikes need to be registered for this ride?

  9. I'll be heading back home before midday. I was thinking of doing the track a couple fo times - so you can head back after the first time if you want.
  10. I don't know :?

    Feel free to join us, don't think there should be any issues.
  11. I know I am sounding like a pussy, but will the ride still be on in this weather??

    I only have 80/20 tyres!

    And my skirt my get dirty :rofl:

  12. Hehehe.

    My baby is still too shinny to go and play with mud. So if the weather stays as it is now I'll pull out too.

    Willma. LOL
  13. Trail bikes are supposed to get dirty :p

    I'm not that hard up for a ride to go in pouring rain though, so will check BOM in the morning, and post up about 8.00am
  14. I am only a 20% only chance tommorrow as the blue girl won't start and stay at the moment and I have been over the whole bike trying to make her run.
    Valve clearences check
    new spark plug and gap check
    clean and back to original air filter check
    new oil and clean filter check
    new battery check
    air/fuel pilot screw check but cannot get it idling anymore after full choke!!

    Time for beer and an appointment with motorcycle weaponary.

    I'll fiddle more with it later, but I don't like my chances (maybe the beer will help) of coming tommorrow

  15. I just finished working so let's see if I can wake up tomorrow morning.

  16. Sleep in.

    Raining now and more predicted so we'll just make it another day
  17. Another day sounds great to me as the beer didn't help get her going :rofl:

  18. Its sunny outside but theres plenty of clouds...hard to say
  19. man the weather looks cold out there... i rather be in bed