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[NSW] - Direction advice, please help

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gsxrjames, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    This is a question for the NSW guys.
    I’m signing my lease in Sydney tomorrow (exciting :)) so I’ve decided to ride to Albury tonight, then Sydney tomorrow morning, leave my bike there and fly back to Melb.

    Just after some advice on the easiest way (considering I’ve never ridden in NSW) to get to Bay St Brighton. Google maps says to take the M5 most of the way but on the map it looks a bit confusing and I really don’t want to get lost, I’ll be on a fairly tight deadline.

    Does anyone have some helpful advice on how to get there in one piece without riding in circles?
    Also, how best do I deal with tolls? Change in jacket pocket?


  2. I hear it's possible to ride on the white line between the E-Tag lanes and miss the sensors that trigger the camera.

    Can't help with easy directions though, sorry! Maybe print a map out and stick it to your tank?
  3. Easiest way is the M5. http://goo.gl/maps/hvZZ Do not get off the highway for about 557km's and you wont get lost. The only exit you need to take is the Sydney Airport Exit on Marsh St and turn right.

    Toll - assuming you haven't transferred the plates etc to NSW, cash seems to be the only option to me. Someone else might have a better idea.

    Good luck with the ride. Keep your music player handy and be careful on the stretch between Goulburn and Mittagong, seen many mobile cameras there lately.
  4. Cheers. I'll have a tank bag so can have a map visible and mark the corners. Approx how much will the tolls be? Is $10 in gold coins enough?
  5. +1 to MotoTraveler's advice - you're in my local 'hood now, since I'm at Kogarah...
    Where are you leaving the bike, and for how long? If it's only a few days I can make space in my shed for you, if you don't already have something secure...
  6. Thanks but I'll have a single lockup garage under the unit. I'll be leaving it there for a week before moving everything up the following week. Car or cars (if I can't sell in time) will need to live on the street :(.
    I'm excited about all these infamous nsw roads. Hopefully there will be a few clear weekends coming up.
  7. If you take the Hume/M5 right to the end you shouldn't need to pay ANY toll, as far as I remember
  8. If you're interested and the weather is OK, there's a Putty run in 2 weeks - I'd be happy to meet up and show you the way there and home again...
  9. Sweet, I'll keep an eye on the nsw ride thread.
  10. You and me both buddy!

    Re: tolls - I always ride through them and wait for the letter to come in the mail if they don't automatically pick up my plates and assign the toll to my eTag (which lives at home). Do these not work across state borders?

    ETA: Impending-welcome to Sydney!!! So much better than Vic. ;)
  11. I haven't registered the bike with my e-tag because most of the tolled roads are free for bikes down here. One of the perks of Melb. I think I'll just take some shrapnel. Last time I drove on the M5 near Campbelltown I'm sure there were tolls... Meh, plan for the worst hope for the best.
  12. The tolls are around Milperra on the M5 - ignore Hornet, I'm not really sure what he's on about...
    If you've got a tag, just add your bike to it and leave it in the cage - bikes pay tolls here so you'll need to sort something out anyway; the M7 is tag-only...
  13. M5 you can get a refund (except for GST) if you have a tag as well. (non business).

    A tag left at home is necessary evil in Sydney
  14. Good luck with that mate!
  15. Ok that was the dumbest idea I've ever had. My best advice would be, don't ride interstate, at night, in winter. I've never been so cold...