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[nsw] Diesel Spill on RNP

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' at netrider.net.au started by Smokae, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. There has been yet another massive diesal spill in the national park. This time going SOUTH on the outermost left of the lane, extending from the centre of your lane.

    In the Northern half, I think it was along Audley road.

    Extends about 200+ meters, you can see where the driver realised and pulled over into the dirt because the spill extends through it. No obvious attempt at clean up made and it looked fresh.

    I hope its something other than diesel and I've identified it incorrectly.

    Aside from that be aware of the idiots going through there with school holidays on, every ute/4WD/woman has two wheels on the wrong side of the road on perfectly manageable corners and legal speeds. /rage on

    Hadn't been through in 2 weeks as I swore I wouldn't expose myself to these idiot holiday maker drivers...

    Also, not meaning to go out and sound racist but merely provide a description, on two occasions in as many weeks I've witnessed an indian male in a white camry abruptly stop his car in front of other traffic and pulled to the side of the road. No I wasn't tail gating or pressuring him, in fact the 2nd time just now it was with other cars behind him going across the weir.

    I've also seen the same car, but didn't see the driver, parked just after the weir taking up half of the road. Be aware he's dangerous, likely doesn't know it and is obviously making frequent visits to the area.
  2. Re: [nsw] rnp

    How did he manage to pull over while on the weir?
  3. Re: [nsw] rnp

    I think his point is that he really didn't.
  4. Re: [nsw] rnp

    Just back from there and although we only did the northern end once each way, I didn't notice any spills - was watching the surface too, seeing it rained last night and I had a new learner with me...
  5. Odd. Good though you came out unscathed, there were separate accidents at waterfall and sir betrams drive apparently.