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[NSW] Demerit points to apply to learner licences

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by rjbsmith, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. Don't know if anybody else has come across this yet, but given it's due to come into effect on Monday it's worth highlighting...

    My wife (who has a full riders licence but a learner drivers licence) received this letter yesterday from the RTA - dated the 15th, but for some reason they sent it to our old address and it only just got redirected:

    According to the learner rider licence page on the RTA website this also applies to learner rider licences, so it's definitely something to keep in mind if you're going for your Ls or are already on them...

  2. oh shi-
    Seriously, though, it's about time. I always thought it weird that you could get away with more on your Ls than P1s.
  3. As usual, more emphasis on speed than following distances, signaling, or lane discipline.
  4. +1 grue ..........
  5. Back in the olden days in Victoria, ANY offence whilst on Ls or Ps resulted in a loss of licence or permit. And you had to start from scratch.

    I'm not sure what the benefits are of having demerit points for these permits/licences. I would have thought that a zero tolerance policy would have been more effective. Currently kids can hoon or do whatever knowing that they they don't push it too far they'll keep their licence. But if, like the olden days, they get pinged for anything, then they're walking, you'd think that they'd settle down a bit.
  6. But could you really? I mean, my dad used to scream his arse off if I didn't indicate at least 500m before the turn...
  7. Mine made me get out and go to the passengers seat.
  8. Yeah, I agree its about time. I remember doing something fairly stupid when I was on my L's. I used to take the occasional spin at night in my car (just bought it, was fixing it up), complete with P plates. Don't ask why I didn't just use no plates, I don't know.

    Anyway, I figured it was harmless. It probably was, but I did end up getting caught and given a slap on the wrist - a $150 fine, which was about two weeks pay for me as a teenage casual at the local chemist. It sucked, but I paid up and learnt a decent lesson.

    Wait...doesn't that make a case for leaving the system as it was? Whatever, the point is I wouldn't have done it if the option was losing my licence.

    - boingk
  9. This has resulted in cases being thrown out of court in the past, since the accused has not had the opportunity to defend the case in front of a judge. I'm not going to check if the law actually says that though. I'll let someone who may be affected.