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[NSW] Demerit points on learners licence

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by x0x, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. i have a full car licence, and a learners riders licence. If i lose my learners riders licence for speeding, will i still be able to drive my car on my full car licence.

  2. it is my understanding that;
    you only have one licence, however one licence can have a few different classes/conditions. if you receive a suspension pertaining to any class on your licence, the entire licence is suspended meaning you may not ride or drive.
    however, stranger things have happened

    go here
    and check your demerit points online.
    it actually tells you what happens, according to how many points you get.
    eg: mine says
    "Both licence classes will be suspended if your demerit points total 12"
  3. I thought learners' permits don't have points in NSW? They aren't actually 'licenses' as such.

    I can't find the relevant legislation though :?
  4. that's true, i just asked and they are actually a permit. i stand corrected :)
    but my friend, the RTA lady, didnt even know what happens on your Ls, when i asked her (lives across the road) :?
  5. Yeah, I'm not sure what happens in Nazi Sth Wales, it's hard to find any info.

    In Vic they have put motorcycle learners on the demerits scheme, but I believe in ACT you can't accrue points - you just pay the fine, and apparently after multiple fines they give you a summons to attend court.

    This is just from memory, I can't find anything to back it up. Probably not much help for the OP :oops:

    EDIT - Actually, to the original poster - how did you lose your licence? If it is for 30km/h or over, I think you've probably lost your car licence as well.
  6. I suspect that if you fronted the RTA and asked for a Learner's Permit while you were on a disqualified normal license, the answer might be "no".
  7. I've just recieved my learners permit but haven't got a bike yet, i'm afraid of losing my car licence if i get caught speeding just once..

    From the RTA website:
    Licence suspension for any speeding offence for P1 drivers and provisional riders.
    As a P1 driver or provisional rider you will receive a minimum of four demerit points and have your licence suspended for at least three months if you speed on or after 1 July 2007. A fine is also payable.
  8. I'm in the same position of having a gold driver licence, but learner rider licence. From what I understand, you will accrue points (and associated fines) regardless of whether you were driving or riding at the time, but if you were riding, you will also have your learner rider licence suspended.

    As stated above, accrue 12 points or more and you get to have both of your licences suspended, regardless of whether you were riding or driving at the time.

    I don't have anything to back what I've said up, unfortunately, but I did do a lot of reading before I got my L's and this was my take on it.

    Edit: This is certainly the case for provisional rider licences, so I would assume it is the same for learner rider licences. (http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/licensing/gettingalicence/200707_prider.html)

  9. One thing is certain, if you lose the 3 points and therefore your Ls, you will still keep your car license not suspended.
  10. they say that in victoria too...ive lost 12 on my P's in car and still have my license.
  11. the letter is probably in the mail.
  12. Hi everyone

    Thanks for all the replies, everyone here is so helpful! Cheers

    Now it's time to get a bike.....
    Husqvarna SM610 or the DRZ400SM,
  13. I know this is an old post, but just on this topic: I currently have my P's on my bike licence, and a full car licence.

    I got done speeding on my bike, and after weeks of wondering what was going to happen (The RTA and the police were both giving me different answers every time i asked) it turned out that only my P's were suspended, i was still legally allowed to drive.
  14. and that is exactly how it should be. while you have less points on one part of your license you have the full complement on the other. My son is in the other boat, he has a full bike license, but green P's for the car, so would lose his car license before the bike.
  15. Same. Another reason why I don't like driving :twisted: