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[NSW] Demerit points cut for NSW drivers

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by dcsrhat, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. This came up once before and Ill say it again, its in the interest of the government keeping people on the roads, that way they keep paying the speeding fines

    As for this:

    Effing lolcow, 1 kmh over the limit??!! :LOL:
  2. Absolutely agree, but as someone who got 6 points for doing 10km over over the Australia day long weekend, I can rest (or is that ride) a little easier now! So it's also a win for J Q Public, albeit very minor :grin:
  3. balls....

    i was really hoping that they'd relax points for Ps as well. :/

    sticking to 90 on the fwy is repeniiulously dangerous.

  4. and your problem is what?

    after all, what do you expect them to do, say that you can go 5k over the limit before you get booked. even fully licensed motorists can theoretically be booked for 1km over the limit. however, 10% leeway is customary.
  5. i liked the fact that we could do 20-30 over and still get away with 3 points. I wouldnt be so sure about the 10% tolerance. Some cop's may give it just because its accepted, but i doubt the ones who became police because of their small penis will. the whole concept of 1-10 over band goes against a tolerance - unless they mainly ignore this range
  6. original news was that while the lower band was now only 1 point, it would be more strictly enforced than the current 15km/h 3-point band would be.
  7. lost 5 points in 1 go a while back, 3 points for speeding and 2 for a lane change to get around the slow assed unmarked car :LOL: so half the licence nearly gone in 1 go i am glad it is being changed, if it were double demerits i would have been nearly out of a licence for overtaking 1 car
  8. Perhaps I can offer an alternate view on this...

    Correct me if I am wrong, but the old brackets were 15km/h apart. By changing the brackets as such, they have effectively moved 5km/h worth of infringements into a higher fine bracket. The lower demerit points is just a ploy to make us eat it up as good news...

    This way the gov't keeps people on the roads AND gets more out of them if they do so happen to be speeding... It seems that it IS possible to have your cake and eat it too...

  9. Yes the bracketing is designed to screw people over harder. Yes they are making speeding 0-10 pretty much get off scott free, BUT police usually aren't slack enough to get a fine for doing up to 10 over. It just makes doing the higher brackets fked.

    Its aimed at revenue generation, NOT to be fair - to think otherwise would be foolish, considering the 'fairest' way would be to have a sliding scale depending on how many km/h it is over the speed limit, not crafty-screw-you brackets.
  10. Official RTA link here
  11. So basically they have devised a system that would make P1 platers not bother riding due to 1 slip being your licence gone....

    I guess that would make it safer for 12 months, then with no backed riding experience all P1's will then move to full unrestricted and puchase bigger bikes... Wonder if the road toll will go up in a years time.
  12. Probably, and I'm sure they'll act very sad about it. Tell us how disappointed we should be in ourselves, and increase the length of time spent on P-plates to 4 years, juuuust before an election.
  13. its already like that.

    4 points minimum for a speeding offence on P1.