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[NSW] Damaged car side mirror

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by gaudian, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. Hi All,
    I need to ask a question about a situation I've had a couple of days ago.
    I was riding on an street that has a max speed of 70 kph. and it has three lanes.
    I was riding through the middle lane behind a car at almost 70 kph. On the right lane there were lot of stopped cars queuing.
    Suddenly one of them tries desperately to turn left to get off the queue and puts the front part of the car on the middle lane just in front of the car I was following.
    The stupid car that tried to get off the queue of the right lane doesn't go forward but stops there, undecided.
    The car I was following doubted a little when sees this situation and it seemed that it will continue forward but then suddenly brakes very hard, almost to 0.
    As I was going behind and didn't want to be the cheese of a car sandwich I turned left and passed the car by the left side, between the left and middle lanes, in order not be hit by the car I've had behind me.
    While doing this I touched her mirror.
    When we stopped to exchange details she did stop in the middle of the lane, without caring about the cars using it. It seems that she drives carelessly, very dangerous.
    She then claimed that I shall pay the mirror because it's broken inside.
    What do you think about this situation? Shall I pay for a mirror because I've turned to the left side instead of braking hard as well?
    I don't want to think what could have happened if I had braked behind her...
    Thanks for your thoughts,

  2. My 2c if I've read this correctly?

    You have taken evasive action to miss the car in front who was stopping suddenly and clipped her left mirror. If you were unable to pull up behind her then you were travelling too close and subsequently swerved to miss her thereby clipping the mirror. I'd say you're at fault unfortunately.
  3. Hi Doug,
    The evasive action I've taken was not to have somebody brake over me. I thought that if I had pull up behind her, the car that was travelling behind me could have hit me.
    That's why I did the evasive manouver.
  4. Doesn't matter mate.

    It's the person following's responsibility to leave a safe gap, and so on down the line.

    I split too, for safety's sake. Look at this mirror as the cost of staying alive on a bike :)

    ... that said, she is not a vehicle repairer. Don't pay anything without a copy of a quote from a smash repairer or mechanic.

    ie. if she calls you and says "Send me $400 for the mirror" you tell he she better have a quote for those repairs to pass onto you, and you will pay for the mirror only.
  5. +1 Ktulu
  6. Gaurdian,

    Sometimes the gods conspire, but ultimately it's your fault.

    Make her get a few quotes or offer to replace it yourself. They can be very dear these days unfortunately.
  7. :WStupid:

    Thats a pretty fair summary.
    Pay up (when you get a quote) and leave a bigger gap.
  8. If it was the car that made the lane change then I’d be telling em to stick it. But because it was a car that you were already following it is fair to say that you were following to close and thus at fault.
    Sucks but it’s true.
    And yeah As Tulu Said. See the quote and be sure you are only covering the details relevent
  9. If you want to get out of it just don't admit liability, she will then have to prove you were in the wrong and if its your word against hers she will have very little to stand on. But! you will have to live with the fact that your a **** and the karma that comes with not doing the right thing and repairing her car.
  10. Could be a good idea BUT if her insurance company gets involved and decide to take you to court you could be up for court costs as well. Wait until she supplies 3 quotes then bite the bullet and pay the smallest.