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[NSW] Custom Airbrushed Helmets

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Damzz, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. Hi Everybody,

    I've been wanting to customise my helmet and thinking of getting it airbrushed.

    Is it possible to provide recommendations of were you have had your helmet customised?

    Also does any one know roughly how much it costs to have a helmet custom airbrushed?
  2. Where are you located? That would help
  3. Hello.

    Apologies for incomplete post. Still trying to learn the ropes so to speak.
  4. I had a custom helmet paint job done by Wayne Harrison at Airbrush Australia.

    It was about $600. It was great and Wayne really knows his craft, but I would not do it again.

    Too much money and I found that I looked more after the helmet than my head so to speak.

    Check his work at airbrush.com.au
  5. Thanks for the links. Will look in to it. :)
  6. Damzz, out of interest what sort of design did you have in mind?
  7. I recently had a custom job done. Spent $400 and it was worth it!

    However, I did have someone in the U.S. do the job, so it cost me $130 shipping each way.

    The guy I used is good though. He does a lot of custom airbrushing for a lot of the pro hockey goalies and pro motorcycle racers.

    I ultimately chose him as I was impressed with his past work, and he had already dome something similar to what I wanted, so I had confidence in his work.

    So easy to deal with. I highly recommend him if you don't mind the extra shipping charges.

  8. Hi, try contacting @takaami on this site, he is canberra but has someone that does airbrush work, auto links arent working on here, try searching for him using his id