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(NSW) CTP slip

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by JohnG., Oct 16, 2006.

  1. G'day all,
    I had to get a CTP slip today....
    ..for my Aprilia Caponord...
    NRMA $364!!! :evil:
    QBE $89! :grin: ...
    WTF! why the
    big difference... :?

  2. 'cos QBE likes bikes, and NRMA don't care....
  3. Holly shit that QBE quote doesnt sound right, even for a 250's in my part of the world a QBE CTP is $119 & for the 600's $262
  4. i've had that happen before - someone probably thinks your bike is 100cc not 1000.
  5. There could be something wrong with the quotes but then again they could be right. :?
  6. I have comprehensive ins. with QBE too...I'm 46,live out in the scrub,Ulysses member & had my last prang in 1980...sounds fair to me :grin:
  7. Did that matter?
  8. So is this QBE or Western QBE? Or are they the same?
  9. The authority on Greenslips in NSW's is the Motor Accidents Authority


    You can put your info in and get simultaneous results from like 8 companies. The < 250cc are cheap to register so could be right??
  10. cheapest i got was allianz for $444 rating 1 rider. go figure