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[NSW] CTP Insurance Question

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by conspiracytheorist, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, I'm going to register, transfer and insure my SV in about 2 weeks but I'm astounded at the cost of CTP and have a question about it.

    So CTP is connected to the rego, so when you buy a bike that has rego you don't need to worry about the CTP until its time to re rego again right? Assuming thats correct, then why should CTP costs vary from rider to rider? eg. I used NRMA to get an estimate for CTP with just my dad as the rider, came to $472.45 incl. GST. But with the youngest driver 20, its $700.28 incl. GST

    For example if I bought this bike with rego from someone with CTP same as my dad, do you have to actually find out who the CTP is with and get it under your name?

    Ie. Can I just have my dads age as the youngest and then ride it anyway?

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Jarod,
    Thanks for the SMS the other day, I appreciate it. You dont have to transfer CTP greenslip when you by a vehicle with rego. As for the cost, I agree, it is rediculous, the RTA has a comparison site so have a look for a better deal.
  3. No probs, going by the reply I'm guessing you don't sms much :rofl: Thanks for the thanks though :)

    The comparison site pretty much was saying 480 was the lowest price with just my dad, and about 680 with me on it.

    I think the best bet is to get dad to ring the rta, remind them that we have a billion other types of insurance with them, and try to get a greenslip with me allowed to ride it, for under 500 - will be getting TPPD with them as well. Thanks for the reply.
  4. Hi Jarod,
    Yep CTP is a rip off on bikes.

    Here is a link to the site that I use to get quotes:


    just click on green slip calculator

    With the CTP, when you transfer rego into your name, the RTA send hte information to CTP provider and they will send you a letter saying it has changed into you name. I've only just recieved mine from when I purchased the CBR

    Hope this helps
    Cheers Lou
  5. Ah ok thanks for that! So the question remains, if ctp is purchased with the youngest rider as 60+, would someone younger not be covered? Wheres tweet when you need him :LOL:
  6. Interestingly, I just did an online estimate with QBE, it didn't ask for youngest rider, just owners age, and it spat out a quote for: $438.00

    And that was with 'under 25yo rider' checked.
  7. Yeah, I dont SMS too much but I did reply to yours. There was no reception at the time and it decided to try for a while and then store it in my outbox without sending it :twisted: . By the time I worked out that it had not gone it was 2 days later.
  8. Haha cool :) Yeah thats ok, it would take my dad about an hour and a half to write half a text message, and he's in software engineering :shock:
  9. Not that old Jarod!..... yet :shock:
  10. Hey Phizog I have found out that the mraa site is a bit out of whack. The best way to get a good price is calling around.

  11. Thanks Will. QBE seems to be the way to go, but I'll definitely do the ringaround and get them competing against each other if I can.

  12. If you have any friends who work in car/vehicle sales or finance, see if they can hook you up on their fleet discount for CTP.

    I'm on a fleet policy for CTP on all my vehicles as I have a mate who works for Suttons group, and I'm paying approx HALF of what I normally would be for each one.

    So anyone who buys a 2nd hand vehicle off me gets a pretty sweet deal on renewal :)
  13. Wow thats pretty cool! Unfortunately I don't know anyone.. wait I might actually.. I'm off to send an email :grin:
  14. Anyone who works for a vehicle leasing or finance company: and this may include actual manufacturers such as Holden/Yamaha who run their own finance.

    It's worth a few phone-calls at least.
  15. Sucks for you there mate, CTP is still part of rego here in the ACT. Cheap as.
  16. Privatising the system made it cheaper, don't you know?
  17. When you look at what we pay in Victoria compared to you lot - even with the levy - we are way ahead - especially since it's no fault insurance and it covers us for single vehicle crashes as well... :LOL:
  18. jared i found allianz to be cheapest. make sure you have private health cover but as there is no driver at fault protection unlike GIO and NRMA
  19. Thanks mate I'll definitely check them out. I have private health cover so might be the way to go.