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nsw ctp greenslip ripoff

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Tomcatalex, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. why are greenslips under $200 for under 300cc bikes and 3 times as much for anything over regardless of power (kw).
    Suzuki rgv250 62 hp 45.2 kw @ 11000 rpm ( $187 qbe)
    Suzuki gn400 27 hp 19.7 kw @ 7500 rpm ($700 nrma)

    has anyone insuring bikes got a clue???
    are they going to get cheaper for lams bikes some time in the future?
  2. Editing is editing.. creating a new thread is creating a new thread.

    I was quoted 440 from qbe after being quoted 700 from nrma, so ring around.
  3. Thanx phizog

    Yea thanks, I was thinking of upgrading then looked at the rego costs and then had second thoughts, just using the bike for local trips to work/ easy parking, but would like more power for sundays.
    was looking at a 600 sport/tourer (zzr600) any others, dont want to bend my back too much, hows the sv650 on the spine?
  4. Sportier riding position than zzr600, and sportier than most sports tourers tbh.

    But I haven't ridden it more than a few kms yet (still not legal), so I don't know how the long trips will be.. I'm young - I'll be fine.
  5. If you want something to commute on thats comfortable all day, don't forget er6f (quite upright), the new gsx650f, cb900, cbr600f, vfr800, etc.
  6. Still not legal?
    Got a licence?

    Done your P's, where did you do it? Did mine at HART
  7. Yeah I did mine at HART. Not legal as in another month before I have full license (and thus can't ride the big bike until then). I sold my 250 about a month ago.
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  9. Have a look at the MCIS component of the greenslip which may be anywhere from $100-$250 for bikes. Then thank Morris "Mafia" Iemma for ripping you off. This is the levy that he promised would be $22 on average across the state. I have not heard of a single person who has been under $22 for the levy which proves Morris is a lying fcuk.
  10. Just checked and looked for prices

    QBE used to have different prices for under 650 and over
    now they are the same from 350cc to 1000cc, buy that calculation the best value for money would be a light 1000 eg R1

  11. Prices

    Insurer Price (incl. MCIS Levy & GST)

    AAMI $693.00




    NRMA $442.34

    QBE $438.00


    :shock: fcukyouverymuch
  12. Now that LAMS is pretty much standard across most of Australia, when will the Insurance mob, change their prices from up to 300cc and over 300cc, to LAMS and non LAMS, where LAMS riders would be rewarded with lower insurance costs, this would help the learners not pay as much, and also reward experienced riders who stay on LAMS bikes.
  13. While I agree the greenslip pricing needs to be fixed because it is ridiculous don't forget it's just one part of insurance. If you're looking at getting comprehensive or third party property then i think you'll find it's more dependant on the actual bike in question rather than a general size rule
  14. Why did you post two figures from two different insurers for the two different bikes?
  15. +1 for bad data

    Compare two bikes same insurer next time.

    On another note sorts related.im with nrma and will not be renewing my insurance as they are always well above the other insurers. Their customer service was shot for me when I needed them.

    The 300cc rule sux balls. I tend to lean towards a standard ctp price for all bikes and failing that a lams non lams division
  16. qbe seem to be the best priced and nrma most expensive, so the comparison is good for me, if they remove the 300cc rule I think the insurance company will not reduce the high priced ctp slips, just increase the low ones, so will not benefit anyone but the insurance company