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[NSW] CTP email campaign

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Psycho Biker, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. from the MCC of NSW

    come on everyone, read the entire post then write something similar to YOUR local member

    FW: [Mcc-delegates] CTP - email campaign
    Posted by: "Chris Turner" christ@resmed.com.au cjt_oz
    Date: Thu Aug 30, 2007 11:49 am ((EST))

    more info on CTP lobbying.

    Please read the following message.


    -----Original Message-----
    From: mcc-delegates-bounces@hagus.net
    [mailto:mcc-delegates-bounces@hagus.net]On Behalf Of Guy Stanford
    Sent: Thursday, 30 August 2007 11:15 AM
    To: 'MCC-Delegates'
    Subject: [Mcc-delegates] CTP - email campaign


    See email from Vince, below. Well done!!

    Would all Delegates please copy this out to all their email grops with the
    request to send a similar sort of message to their local members of

    Find out who your representative is and email them.

    We all need to have our Parliament look carefully at this to get the actual
    The more pollies who ask questions of the Committee, the more transparency
    we get.

    Where do you live? WHO is your parliamentry representative?

    Who is WHO in Parliament?

    Lower House
    Legislative Assembly Members

    Upper House
    Legislative Council Members


    Go for it

    From: Vince Sunter, Hunter DOG [mailto:vince@HunterDOG.org.au]
    Sent: Thursday, 30 August, 2007 8:25 AM
    To: 'tamworth@parliament.nsw.gov.au'
    Cc: Guy Stanford, MCC of NSW (sstanfor@bigpond.net.au)
    Subject: Standing Committee on Law Justice review of the MAA - Something
    Very Unfair is going on with Green Slips

    G'day Peter,

    I am writing to you on behalf of a Hunter based social motorcycle club
    (www.hunterdog.org.au/AboutUs.htm) that has members in your electorate
    and/or travels within it as a group. We are concerned that the Great Green
    Slip Rip-Off is about to be executed on motorcyclists - it has already
    started as premiums have been escalating significantly recently. We (and the
    hundreds of other motorcycle riders in your electorate) would certainly
    appreciate it if you would look into the situation and let us know a bit
    more about what is going on - and hopefully be able to steer it towards
    better outcomes please.

    The "Lifetime Care and Support" portion of the Green Slip levies is,
    according to Hansard and published papers from the Motor Accidents Authority
    (MAA), meant to be a $20 average increase in Green Slip prices for all
    vehicles regardless of vehicle type. Total MCIS levies (including ambulance
    & hospital levies) should be around $50-$60 - but they are much higher now
    for motorcyclists. In the recent proceedings of the Standing Committee on
    Law Justice review of the MAA they are threatened to escalate a lot more.
    Our basic questions are:

    1) What happened to the $20 promise?

    2) What are the further increases that Mr. Bowen of MAA is proposing?

    3) Does the current and proposed further increases have a fair basis? Or is
    this an example of a cash grab by stealth to prop up other parts of the

    4) Why isn't the information re future Green Slip increases readily
    available to the public?

    5) Why no transparency to the process to significantly increase Green Slip
    Pricing, eg no consultation with Motor Cycle Council of NSW?

    Specifically we are concerned about what Mr Bowen of the MAA said at the top
    of page 18 (labelled page 17) of this document:

    The particulars of this review can be found here:

    Over the last 20 months we have established a social motorcycle club going
    that very much fosters all that is good about enjoying the Newcastle /
    Hunter region and environs. What we are about is encouraging responsible
    recreational use of motorcycles while out and about in the Hunter. The
    bottom line of these sorts of activities is not only to have good fun
    socialising with friends, but to do real things that genuinely reduces the
    likelihood of people coming to grief whilst enjoying their recreational

    If the MAA gets their way, rather than be held accountable to administer a
    just and fair system, it will just make it all the harder for groups like
    ours to be successful at improving things within our local community. There
    are much more effective ways to reduce the impact / likelihood of motorcycle
    accidents on the community than to make motorcyclists pay for being so
    expensive for other people to hit. I am sure the Motor Cycle Council of NSW
    (02) 9833 7794 would be happy to further discuss any aspect you may wish -
    or myself of course, but I am not so up on the details.

    We will certainly appreciate your interest in this issue, and of course any
    action that achieves a better outcome. Thank you.

    Kindest regards,
    Vince Sunter, Secretary

    Hunter Ducati Owners Group Inc
    Email: secretary@hunterdog.org.au
    Postal: c/o 40B Gipps St Carrington 2294
    Ph: (02) 4961 0573
    Fax: (02) 4961 0944
    Mob: 0414 706 875
    Web: www.hunterdog.org.au