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NSW - CTP Debacle, your chance to do something.....

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Toecutter, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. The MCC have asked that all member clubs request their members to spread the message and write "in their own words" to as many MP's as you can.

    No doubt there are riders who are not represented by a Delegate, so please feel free to invite them to also submit via email their own letter

    Points to remember in your letters:

    The NSW CTP scheme has flaws and this recent change in motorcycle classifications has exposed these flaws to view.

    o These flaws can only be repaired by our elected government.

    o Let them know it needs fixing.

    o Don’t just whinge to your mate, then roll over. That’s lazy. Stand up, speak out.

    o We’re being gouged by insurers exploiting the flaws.

    o Speak to Parliament or they assume you’re OK with it.

    Ask these questions and use these points:

    · Why are some CTP insurers making no effort to offer competitive pricing for a compulsory, statutory product?

    o Clearly, the CTP system is fat and lazy with few incentives to offer fair pricing

    · Whose turn is to be cheapest next year? GIO seem to be the cheapest this year.

    · Cheap does not mean sub-standard.

    o It indicates one company is pricing based on actual risk and others are seeking profit from how they market their product.

    o It is unreasonable for a statutory, compulsory product, to force up pricing by confusing or misleading through so-called “marketing”

    o Marketing distortions do not reflect actual risk.

    · Why should existence of another insurance product or roadside service change pricing for CTP risk?

    o Please explain how these are related to actual CTP claims risk.

    · Why do some insurers have different risk ratings?

    o If actual risks were known, then all insurers would vary on the same criteria.

    · How do demerit points relate to actual risk of a CTP claim arising?

    o Demerit points and actual risk of a crash are quite separate and no longer indicate crash risk.

    o Minor crashes with no injury are about property damage, not CTP claims

    o Speeding fines are simply used as a “malus stick” for revenue generation by insurers.

    · While the MAA is clear on the amount of money leaving the scheme, how much money is collected by insurance companies?

    o The question of fair profit follows, but transparency must be achieved.

    The broad list of who to send your letter to;
  2. For all replies please forward them to me


    Will ensure they are all forwarded onto MCC for collation

    Thanks again

    Regards Alex

  3. because they get more money.

  4. dont think so
  5. Doesn't really matter though, does it?
  6. It does if you believe that this issue transcends politics. You could be a labor supporter all the way and be 100% against one single policy. These sorts of things need to be a showing of the people not an affirmation of an opposite party simply because they are the opposite.
  7. I with him ^^. Unfortunately we have no real, meaninful or sane opposition...
  8. I think the opposition up there isn't that bad. Compared to the corrupt, inept and deceitful current labor government they'll be a blessing. The current government will be voted out very comfortably.

    Anyway, best of luck with this. If I write a few letters as a Victorian and ex-NSWman does that have any creedence?
  9. It's got me farked how the Government can sit by and let all this happen when the roads them self are in such a state and IMHO the cause of a fair percentage of accidents state wide. Also do they not claim to want to cut traffic congestion and green house emissions?? What better way than to promote the use of motorcycles scooters and the like and by making these vehicles cheaper to run are they not making them more appealing to the masses.
    I actually work for a council who claim to be a green council but have no undercover parking for bikes, as I am seeing more and more people riding to work I got a petition together to see if I could get some undercover parking allocated with well over 100 signatures from employees, and a fair few of these people do ride or have ridden or know someone who does. I was politely told by the GM that there would be no such parking allocated. It just had me farked how this organisation can claim to be a green council yet not want to encourage their employees to seek a greener form of transport and in doing so free up parking in the residential areas around the depot, which I'm sure the ratepayers would surely applaud as well as easing traffic congestion and emissions. I tell ya sometimes it just feels like your pissing into the wind. I for one will be attending any organised rally as well as writing to local and state government.
  10. are u serious goz........




    dont need to look at polls, i look at the bookies instead and see what they are offering, they give a better indication of the 'polls'


    btw whats the progress, i read on the MCC site that all u guys are after so far are the statistics and costs and budget papers of the ctp levy.....
  11. I think he was talking about state. And considering Libs just had the largest swing ever in NSW, I'm not staking my money on labor right now.
  12. If he's talking about the Liberals not winning the State election he's delusional.

    Centrebet is paying $1.10 for a Lib win, $6.10 for a Labor win.

    It's not even close, I think O'Farrell could come out right now and declare an allegiance to Satan and demand every New South Welshman's first born and still get in with a comfortable majority.
  13. And quite rightly so.

    Have you lost any ministers this week?
  14. i agree with the people saying Labor will not get through the next election.

    People are sick of seeing Labor waste money on failed projects and are willing to give the Liberals a chance to burn some cash too.

    Don't think that the Liberals would do anything to change the CTP policies though as i can't see it being such a big issue for them seeing as though there aren't to many riders in NSW.....

    People should be trying to get the scooter brigade on-board with any action, as they are pretty much all affected and there numbers around Sydney are very large.
  15. My letter sent to 10 members in total.

    Dear Member,
    I write concerning the recent changes in motorcycle registration costs and the subsequent price gouging by greenslip providers in NSW. You will see from the notes below this is an issue that affects all road users, not just motorcyclists.

    As you must be aware the RTA has re-categorised the motorcycle registration classes as follows:
    i) Under 225cc
    ii) 226cc to 725cc
    iii) 726cc to 1,125cc
    iv) 1,126cc to 1,325cc
    v) Over 1,325cc

    The RTA has also taken the opportunity to increase the cost of registration of bikes in all but the first category.

    The flow on effect from this has been an inexplicable and unreasonable response by greenslip providers, in the form of a phenomenal hike in prices.
    Of particular concern in the capacity range 225-725cc. This category of motorcycles is traffic congestion friendly, light weight, low emission and relatively safe, yet for some reason have witnessed a typical renewal in total registration cost in the order of 200%. This has largely come about as a result of shifting the break point from 300cc to 225cc.

    This gouging by insurance providers is impossible to justify when it is considered that the coverage is for third party injury, and that motorcycle third party injuries must represent next to nothing in the total third party injury make-up for NSW in any given year.

    As a motorist, who commutes, it seems glaringly obvious to me that motorcycles represent an opportunity to alleviate traffic and parking congestion, particulate and CO2 emissions and road wear and tear. Yet it seems at every opportunity Government authorities, and private industry, do their collective best to victimise motorcyclists.

    It frustrates me no-end to see that the vast majority of motorists, during peak congestion times, are single users in cars. Coupled with the knowledge that it is only the last couple of percent of road users bring the traffic to a halt, this is extremely and unnecessarily frustrating. This is further compounded by the fact that many of those single occupants could and would ride a motorcycle should the government encourage it.

    Motorcyclists should only be charged a nominal administration fee when it comes to renewing registration. They cause next to no damage to roads and relieve pressure on the cost of upgrading roads, due to the congestion relief they provide. Similarly, third party injury coverage should represent the true cost of third party injury, not the projected cost of other road users on motorcyclist.

    Motorcyclists should be rewarded for their decision to ride a motorcycle, as it benefits all road users. The current trend is to penalize them and do everything possible to turn them into another car sitting in the queue.
    I am keen to know your view on this.

    Motorcyclists endure a lot through their decision to ride. They put up with the cold, the heat, the rain and inconsiderate road users. The list of benefits is minor. There is some marginal savings to be made, and should the police be fair, then is some time to be saved. They must now, however, add to that list of negatives, the fact it will cost more to ride a motorcycle. Surely some reason must be brought to bear and the question must be asked, “What would be the consequence to all road users if all motorcyclists became regular drivers?”.

    Do you believe that motorcyclists should be charged more for an activity that benefits all road users?

    I look forward to your response.
  16. Already have these two responses:

    From my local member:
    Thank you for your email.

    "I will forward your concerns to the Minister for Transport for his advice and consideration.

    Andrew McDonald MP
    Member for Macquarie Fields

    Incredible from the office of the minister for roads:

    "Thank you for your recent email to the Hon David Borger MP, Minister for Roads and Western Sydney.

    As your correspondence relates to the Finance Portfolio, this has been transferred to the Minister for Police and Finance, the Hon Michael Daley MP, for his consideration and response.

    Yours sincerely,

    Kristie O'Rourke
    Office of The Hon David Borger MP
  17. I doubt that, it would probably go to preferences in that case :)
  18. After the initial pass through by my local member (Andrew McDonald) I got a phone call from him this morning. He's promised to "prosecute my case" to the Minister for roads.

    It will be interesting to see the outcomes.

    Also I got a pass through to the minister for Finance from Frank Sartor. I didn't expect much from him, however as I only included him in the list because of his environment portfolio.