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[NSW] Cruz for a Cure, Sun May 21st

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: gegvasco



    DATE: SUNDAY 21st MAY 2006


    Registration Fee is $10 (see website)

    Cars & bikes to assemble at 9:00am carpark 5 an...

    ... more

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  2. Is any Sydneysider in for this?
    Could anyone tell me approx. how long (both time and mileage) it takes? I'll see if my bum is up for it...
  3. its about 230 km round trip (back to hornsby) depends on the route.
  4. I'm in Chrissie. Shouldn't be too long a ride as it goes via the most direct route - major roads. According to Whereis.com Olympic Park to Kembla Grange via major roads is 90km one way.
  5. Thanks! I have registered. Looks like a more show car oriented event? Sounds all right anyway, should be able to have a bum rest when necessary.

    If the event finishes at KEMBLA GRANGE, that means we'll find our own way home heh?
  6. Hmm' cars and bikes racing from point A to point B on the highways, this could get exciting :-k

    is there a police escort :demon:
  7. Not sure about police escort. It is likely to be a pretty major event so there might be some police but I don't imagine it will be fully controlled by them.

    As far as bikes and cars going together, it could be interesting but I imagine it will be controlled by the organisers and if it isn't, bikes will tend to gravitate towards each other naturally. It should be a very sedate run so I don't expect too many hassles.
  8. It may be fun to ride with show cars heh? :cool:
    Looking forward to that, my first big group ride :grin:
  9. Here is a problem, looking at doing the ride to Wollimbi next Sunday. Since the recent ride was on Saturday (today) and that is just plain to difficult for me to have made, :? and tomorrow is screwed due to one of those highly enforced commercial days :evil:

    I don't mind the idea of Mothers Day, but having to fork out $65 each instead of the usual $20 for the same place, just because of the day, is just not <bleep> nice. :deal: :evil:

    Now if I'm good :angel: for the rest of the week I may be allowed out next Sunday and are looking forward to a ride away from most other cages. [-o< :twisted: :LOL:

    So at this stage count me out for this one.
  10. I'm kinda keen to come see what it's like, but... how many of us are IN this one?
  11. count me out of this one !!!!

    I don't like the idea of cars and bikes cruising together knowing the type of car groups that go on this cruise.

    There is always the temptation of young drivers with their hotted up cars (and riders also) having a go at cyclist. You see if everyday in traffic, young guys who know bikes can beat their car off the lights, but want to have a go anyway because its a challenge and there might be the chance they can win a traffic light GP and gain bragging points !!!

    I've been on this cruise before, but in a hotted up cage which I wish I didn't sell ! :(
  12. Im likley meeting up with a group at the Shell Petrol station at Heathcote for those down the south end of sydney :grin:

    About 8:15

    Wouldnt worry about the cars, there should be lots of bikes atending and bikes will all stay in a group.

    Its about an hour from Homebush to Kembla.
  13. Hey whoever is in for this, do you guys want to meet up prior to, or just meet at the event spot?

    I may be having breakie at McD's unless there's some better bigger tastier breakie place.
  14. Having started this thread I'm sad to say I am 50/50 an attending now due to my stack last weekend. Still waiting some parts so Sat is set aside for repairs. Will hopefully get the bike running and legal again for Sunday. My knee is another matter. Healing slowly but I can't bend it anywhere near enough to get on a bike yet without it feeling like it is tearing the front of my knee off. Will see how I am going on Sat before I say I'm in. If I am in, could definetely meet up on the way. Where were you thinking of? I could come North a bit, meet up and then head to Homebush.
  15. Greg - sorry to hear about your bike and knee condition, that sounds painful... I hope it gets better soon! :angel:

    BOM says it'll be shower both Sat and Sun... meaning no jump and no ride to me. :cry: Could someone do some wacky dance to stop the rain for the weekend? I'll pay for the costume :LOL:

    Anyway, if the weather proves BOM wrong, I will still go and maybe I'll give you an SMS in the morning to see how you are feeling.

    Anyone else want to meet up or just SMS to confirm?
  16. Did anyone from here end up going?
    They made about $4000 for charity :grin: