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[NSW] Cronulla Coffee Night, Fri Mar 17th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Jaqhama

    Meet at Gloria Jeans Coffee Lounge, main street of Cronulla at 7pm on March 17th.
    Plenty of food and drinks available from this shop and many others.
    Parking outside.
    Will probably go for a ride somewhere else later in the evening.
    Address: Cro...

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  2. I am interested.
    Is anyone attending from lower Northshore area? If not, that's cool, I am sure I can find my way there... 2 hours later :p

    My plan is to leave work (city CBD) at 1700 Friday, drop in Cabana bar (St. Leodards) to see a friend and head for Cronulla. So if all goes well, I should be there around 1900.

    Could any wise man/woman tell me what the traffic is like down south at that hour?
  3. Sounds good jaq ,as i said before it's all up to my work hour friday .
    I will post thursday night if im ,in or out.
  4. Cheers Sled.
  5. Aha.... here it is, I was wondering where my post went... didn't realise there's a new thread for Friday night dinner and ride.

    Righto, I am in, see you there and then! :cool:
  6. I'll come along.

    I'll be working out west in Kellyville on Friday (taking the bike, weather permitting of course) so I'll probably head straight from work too.

    As for traffic Chrissie, I live in Newtown and once upon a time I'd drive from North to South almost every other day. The traffic heading South out of the City to Princess Hwy can get pretty bad on a Friday between 4pm and as late as 7pm. But it is usually because of the equal amount heading in. That said, I only used to go as far as Brighton-le-Sands. No idea past there...

    And becaus it's broken in th OP...
    Address: Cronulla St. Gloria Jeans is past halfway, down the one way street, on the left.
    If it's on your right you're going down a one way street in the wrong direction.
  7. I'm a maybe. Start work at 9pm on Friday, so if i come i have to leave early.

    What's parking like? I'll have to come in the cage, traffic and all.
  8. Princess Hwy a nightmare most times I always try and by-pass it.

    From the North, go Harbour tunnel, then past airport and along Brighton le Sands, then turn right at the very end of Grand Pde, into Sandringham then left at Rocky Point Road which leads you onto Taren Point Rd, left at Kingsway and you are on your way to Cronulla.
  9. Parking, main street probably short of spots on a Friday night, but there is a carpark and lots of side streets. Everythings walking distance in Cronulla.
    Car park, down main street, turn right at end of that street, car park now on your right.
    2 to choose from. One split level.
  10. i wont get my L's until 1-2nd of april :( i miss out sniff i wonna go! dbl me someone
  11. Thanks danb and Toecutter for the traffic/route headsup
    I work in the city but I have to see a mate after Friday work up in the lower Northshore, so I won't be coming into the city again, which means I will take Epping--Lane Cove-- though Tom Uglys. If the traffic is that bad, I guess I'd better allow more time to travel! Ahhhh how nice, sauna in the leather amongst car exhaust aroma... :roll:
  12. Count me in.

    (message too short)
  13. Hmm, not sure if that way will work out for you if you plan on coming down Lane Cove to King Georges to Tom Ugly's. The traffic is usually pretty craptastic out there at 6:30 pm too, although I've neve don that whole route, and never on a bike. That said, I'll still be dong the King Georges route from Kellyville, just not after 5pm :)
  14. im probably goona go by train (2hrs and i get to have a snooze whoohoo) . not particular keen on battling traffic down there.
  15. Toecutter's got it right. No route in Sydney is fun at that time of a Friday but that's still the most direct, and a lot of it to the south is three lanes.......
  16. no one pick me up then , i feel un loved!
  17. Kysytem...mate I would but I'm already in the Shire, as are two of my mates who have full licences.
    The only people I know going from west and north Sydney on bikes only have L or P plates I think.
  18. ksystemz, I would if I could but I can't so I won't........
    me -- P rookie in the north -- we'll end up picking ourselves up
    Come in by train like Dante, or car like Infinity, plenty of love awaiting I am sure :grin:
  19. I am going to try and make it seeing I am not far away.

    ksystemz catch a train to rockdale and I will give you a lift. pm me dude.

    God I really hate being nice sometimes!

    Dude you better have a small head or your own helmet as I only have a crappy old small hjc helmet to lend.
  20. ksystems, i will be at central looking lost probably around 530pm ish. :LOL: