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[NSW] Crashed on Jenolan Caves Rd

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Finn, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. Sorry for the long winded post.

    Yesterday, I thought I would take Mrs Finn out for the day and maybe have some lunch at Bathurst. (She let me out the day before and I hit the Putty to Singleton.)

    2pm - About a kilometer out from the caves, we approached one of the multitude of tight corners, but this time there two mammoth Coaches slowly coming our way. Being the considerate fellow that I am, I habitually moved over to the left to create as much space as I could. Unfortunately as I was coming to a stop, I got a little to close to the edge of the road and I lost the front wheel. Before I knew it, Wifey and I are on our sides.

    The coaches were full of School kids (young teens) and both Drivers plus one of the Teachers got the bike upright and away from the huge drop off for me. As soon as I tried to get up, I knew I had injured my chest. I wore my old Touring Jacket that has a top external pocket, and my iPhone was in it. I can only assume that on the way down, the phone has shifted and I've fallen on it sideways (like a blade).
    (I had earlier tried to text my Mum who was looking after our kids to tell her the change of destination, incase we came off funnily enough, but had no reception. I put the phone in that pocket instead of my pants "until I get some Service and I'll try to send the text again".)
    We contacted the Insurance Company (GIO) who were as helpful as they had to be. I was just happy that they weren't obstructive.
    The young lady I spoke with admitted that she had no idea how to arrange transport for a bike so left that up to me.
    In hindsight I should have told her tough shit, I've paid my insurance so do your job.

    We headed for the Guides Office and they called the Ambo.
    Top bunch of blokes. Seems that the Majority of them are riders too.
    They secured my bike for me until pick up could be arranged so that removed a lot of pressure.
    Cheers Boys.

    Ambo turns up and we're off to Oberon Hospital. Good drugs are administered at this point. Ahhhhh, I can breath.
    On the way, my Wife develops neck pain. Not good.

    Around 6 hours at Oberon Hospital, more drugs for me and Wifey is now in a Neck Brace. Nurses there are fantastic. Very patient. (no pun intended)
    Thanks ladies.

    Transport via (same) Ambo to Bathurst Base Hoapital for Xrays.
    Ambos were fantastic too. Cheers Matt & Sue.

    So, here we are at Bathurst Base hospital and I'm thinking "it's 21:30, we're gonna be discharged at around midnight-1am and we've got nowhere to sleep."
    I get onto Wotif and book a room. 21:35, I ring the motel to make sure they know we're coming and arrange for key placement. I appologise for calling so late and explain to the lady our situation.

    11pm we're discharged. Wife's neck is ok. Only muscular, nothing broken.
    It's confirmed that I have a broken rib and ligament injury.
    Here's some Panadein Forte, have a good night.

    Staff were awesome. Very accomodating. Cheers.

    Taxi to Motel and order pizza for dinner. Drugs and sleep. Thank you.

    Wake up in the morning and attend Reception to sign in and thank the owner.
    She was the nastiest old *^%&$ I have encountered for a long time.
    Rips into me for getting her out of bed 20 minutes after close of business, and procedes to tell me that "in a little country town like Bathurst......bla bla bla"
    Little country town? WTF?

    Good news is;
    1) Wifey's neck is A.O.K.
    2) We didn't go over the mammoth drop off and plummet hundreds of metres to our death. (always a good thing).
    3) I got free drugs. I mean we walked away and nothing is "broken" on the bike. Just Cosmetic.

    Hired a car this morning and got home just after luch.
    Called Peter from Here and There Motorcycle Transport.
    0400 499 056
    As advertised here on Netrider.

    Picking up the bike tomorrow. Great communicator.
    Cheers Pete.

    What I learnt. Besides stay on the black stuff and off the moss.

    Keep more than 2 Recovery Numbers in your phone.
    Bathurst & Oberon Hospital Staff are Awesome.
    Bathurst Cabbies are excellent.
    Bathurst Hertz Rent-a-car can kiss my arse. Tried to rip me off $200.
    AVIS Rule.
    Explorers Motel Bathurst can kiss my arse. If you don't want to receive business off Wotif after 21:00, remove the add at 20:00!!!!!

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  2. Ahh damn man and i was just admiring your bike and looking at a 00 zzr1100 burgundy myself literally last night! :(.
    Happily nothing too damaging to either of you, and will heal up pretty quick... but broken ribs hurt like a biatch so go easy on it.
    Good luck with it!
    Bike... lets see lower and upper fairing... mirror... bar end/handlebar... right can... shouldnt be too bad to fix :).

    P.S. Hopefully the wifey still wants to ride :p. Hehe.
  3. Cheers MM.
    Yeah, Wifey says she'll get back on no worries.
    I actually said to her; "so, when are you getting your own bike"? she's still keen as. Tough cookie my Mrs. (that's why I'm scared of her :LOL:)

    Bike...also scuffed the seat, broken indicator lense and just touched the front brake lever, rear brake lever, right peg and front guard too.

    Basically, nothing on the right side escaped contact.

    But, it was a bloody long way down. We're very lucky to be able to go home to the kids, even if it is a few hours later than anticipated. :grin:
  4. Mate that's terrible news, hope you both recover fast.
    And if there's anything I can do to help, let me know...
  5. Can I borrow a bike? :rofl:

    Thanks NK.

    We're both ok and that's all that matters.
    That's why we pay Insurance.
  6. That's what I was thinking; I know where there's one not doing much if you need it...
  7. Cheers bud. My ribs are saying no bikey bikey for a little while yet.
    Cheers though brother.
  8. Hate reading these stories :(

    Shame u didnt have oggy's on, would of saved a fair bit of damage
  9. That's exactly what I told the Mrs. The bolt where the Oggies would go has been ground down pretty good.
  10. Rotten luck, mate, welcome to the broken rib club, hurts, eh?

    Talking through a tap on my Galaxy S!
  11. like you said though, at least you didnt plunge a lot further down and not too much damage in the grand scheme of things.
  12. Yes it does.

    Yeah, all in all as happy as I can be. Damage is mainly cosmetic so hopefully I should have it back before I'm ready to go again.....
    Watch this space.....
  13. Ooh, i missed the "fall further down"... i was something like 9 when i was last on that road doing a school trip there... I only remember one thing about that trip... the shitful cream of vegetable soup we had to eat at the hotel.
    Big cliff face down eh?
  14. Glad to hear you're both pretty much ok!! And thanks for the good (and poor feedback!)
  15. Heya Finn, saw the post and noticed the word hospital and thought Oh Shit! So glad to hear you came out of it relatively OK. I have been thinking about your 1,2,3 rule and I reckon you did well, especially with regard to the 3.
  16. It's a pay full attention type road, that's for sure. I'm glad you're both ok. I'm glad it happened at zero miles an hour, and that it didn't go over the edge. Sorry about the rib, (the broken one, not the cook) and the damage to the bike. On the bright side, it's all fixable.
  17. Thats tough news mate, glad you and your Mrs are OK. Glad you can still have a laugh after that. Ill avoid that nasty place you slept in and will tell my friends to avoid it as well..........trying to blame you for something outside your control and for being a paying customer is just low. If thats how she treats customers then I dont want to be one.
  18. Mmm yep good thing you stayed on the road-ish alright!!!
  19. Finn, I just took a look at the google map of the road. I imagine those buses were well over your side of the road with plenty of witnesses. Thoughts?