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[NSW] Crack down on illegally parked bikes in CBD?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by dcart3r, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. Has anyone else noticed what appears to be a crack down on bikes and scooters parked on footpaths and other illegal areas in Sydney CBD? I've been parking my bike on the footpath for at least 6 months, against a wall that is recessed (so no blockage of pedestrian traffic), with no infringement notices. I've now received two in as many weeks.

    I try to get in early to park in Curtin Pl next to Australia Square but today both bays were full when I got there at 7.25am!

    I'm buggered if I know where else I can legally park that I don't then have to get public transport from to get to work (Spring St). Who do I write a letter to?
  2. I know people have had fines thrown out saying it wasnt parked on a footpath but on public property.
  3. Mate I have two solutions for you:

    1. Check out the following website from the City of Sydney. They have published all the sites around the CBD where motorcycle parking bays are available. You'll be surprised by some of them. It may mean walking an extra 10 minutes but sure as hell beats getting a $$ fine.


    2. Park your motorcyle in a paid timed parking bay. You are now legaly allowed to park your bike in a timed parking bay without needing a paid parking ticket for the time displayed, eg 2hr parking, you can park for 2 hrs no problems. Then just come down a bit later and move your bike to the bike spot. I tend to find that with most of the larger motorcycle parking areas you'll find spots after 10am and especially around lunchtime with people moving their bikes.

    The only other thing I can suggest is if your building has underground parking for bigwigs, or some such arrangement near by, ask the security guard very nicely, you'll be surprised how often they will let you tuck your bike around a corner for half a day. A nice please and thankyou often goes a long way. For that matter so does a BS story that you're meeting someone in the building and need to leave your bike for a few hours :grin: :grin:
  4. 3. Move to Melbourne :)
  5. Is that Spring st Bondi Junction? If it is, I can tell you where my old boss used to hide the bike :p
  6. got booked there last night as well!!! been parking there for juijitsu for a year now and first fine i got was last night!!!

    asking my barrister for advice now...