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[NSW] Correct Penalty for Riding Prohibited Motorcycle

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by dirtybear, May 19, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys,
    just wanted to clarify with anyone on the board whom may know, i did an RTA search for demerit points related to prohibited motorcycles while riding under the LAMS scheme and the following came up:

    Novice rider ride motor bike/trike not on approved list $405 4 RT (DL) Reg 2008
    Cl 17(2)(a)
    Learner ride motorcycle of prohibited capacity/power $405 4 RT (DL) Reg 2008
    Cl 17(2)(b)

    Now for a provisional license it comes up with the following:

    Ride motorcycle of prohibited capacity/power - 1st offence in 5 years $405 4 RT (DL) Reg 2008
    Cl 114 (in respect of 22(b))

    So my question is this, will the learner get slugged with both offences, which the provisional rider will only get hit once? Reason i ask is a friend was caught on his P's on a YZF-R6 at an RBT and got hit with a 7 point fine, i need to look at the paperwork to see what the offence is, but it seems like its a little grey, if anyone knows anything to the contrary would love to hear it!

    Thanks guys,
  2. naughty naughty naughty, im guessing he got done on the above fine and also a fine for not displaying plates
  3. I believe the difference between the two Learner offences relates to mature age learners. I think that those over 25 with a full car licence are listed as "Learners" whereas others are listed as "Novices". Hence the slightly different wording to cater for both.
  4. You'll probably find that he was hit for a few points for riding a bike he's not licensed for, then a seperate fine for riding uninsured (since you have no insurance when you aren't licensed for the vehicle).
  5. I dont think it'd stand. It'd be like being charged with murder and manslaughter for the same offence.
  6. sorry for bringing up an old thread but does anyone know if there is an exception to riding a bike not on the LAMS list?

    reason I ask is I've recently had to sell my LAMS bike for finacial reasons but my old man has an 89 softail that he cant ride anymore. Is there a way for me to get an exception to ride this?

    I know such a thing exists for provisional drivers just cant seem to find anything for riders.
  7. I doubt that would be a good enough reason. You could try.
    I've heard of an exemption granted where a guy had a bike on the LAMS list and then it was taken off.
  8. No...
  9. thanks for the replies guys appreciate it. guess ill have to wait the 3 years!
  10. Do you play tennis and need the bike to get to/from training?
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  11. Move to the ACT
  12. Where the same power:weight restrictions apply. That'll help.
  13. Haha no but I do need it to get to and from work.
  14. Agree. I think the W650 sneaks over the capacity restriction in NSW but is under Power/Weight.
    The W650 is actually 667 or so. Edit: corrected it's 676. What a thumper for 50 hp
  15. 660cc or under in NSW.. As well as the power/weight obviously
  16. Move to Canberra, it's only on power to weight ratio there, not capacity and most Harleys are LAMS approved.

    http://www.rego.act.gov.au/assets/PDFs/Approved list for Learner and Novice Motorcycles.pdf.pdf

    Edit: Damn - beaten to it again, I really should read all the way to the end before replying...
  17. ah wow very nice!! thanks man thats way easier
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