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(NSW) Cops involved in single vehcle accident

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by stewy, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/national/1067547/policeman-flips-car-to-avoid-smash

    now what I am trying to find out is, will he be charged with dangerous driving if they can't find the ghost car like every day citizens that either crash due to oil or wildlife (ie not there fault)

    Reason i am trying to find out is i have a friend who has just been fined for crashing on oil on the road up there, then the cops whack a fine on top the suffering my mate is going through replacement of gear/bike repairs etc...
  2. $5 says there was no second car and he fell asleep at the wheel.
  3. The gave him a fine and he came off due to oil!? That's either a serious WTF, or there were other factors involved that your mate is not telling you.

    Oil + bikes & corners do not mix.
  4. $1,000 there wasn't another car
  5. if there was indeed no other car, my money is on him being a hero and failing.
  6. should that not of happened??? Might get him to follow it up then, yep i don't know full story, could be b/s for all i know, you know what mates are like...

    But my understanding was if you crash someone has to get a fine

    Yep my money is ghost car is a cover too
  7. Hey...so, now that someone else has come forward (a cop no less), I feel brave enough to say the same ghost car ran me off the road last year. Can I have my $329 dollars back and the neg ticket cancelled?
  8. i hope this gets a lot of publicity, and the cops gets a neg driving ticket.

    why wasn't the police officer travelling at a speed that he could safely avoid a possible obstacle on what would have been a blind corner? if if wasn't blind then the police dude should have seen the car earlier and changed his speed and lane position accordingly...

    can an excess speed ticket be given here too?
  9. In Vic not every crash needs to have a fine given out. It depends on the circumstamnces and what you say to the coppers. Somretime those words of adcvice often given on this forum to say nothing actuall hurts your cause.
  10. i am not talking about VIC.....read the heading, it's in NSW where i believe they do
  11. I read the heading but I thought you were talking about your mate, since you are in Melb I put forward Vic Pol policy. Since you ask NSW Pol have the same policy.