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[NSW] Cop trying it on :roll:

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by hornet, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. I was talking to a tradie in the Southern Highlands this morning and he told me this amazing tale. A cop pulled him up to check if his load was secure. Everything was in order, then the cop noticed a cup of coffee in the van's cup-holder. "You're not allowed to drink while you are driving!" The tradie said "It's coffee, not VB". "Doesn't matter, you're not allowed to drink while driving."

    I suspect the fact that he was not prepared to go ahead and book him for this 'offence' means that he was just saying it for spite because he couldn't book him for something, but, seriously, where do some of these people get off???

  2. if he was a tradie, he probably drinks his coffee while driving, reading the paper and rolling a fag.

    the cop should've known that
  3. And the coffee cup was probably filled with VB anyway.
  4. Why do the ADR's allow cup holders then FFS???

    That cop was a friggin moron.
  5. some cops i just have no respect for. this is one of them

    you cant just make up rules because you couldnt book someone for something you got wrong.

  6. They do try tho, When it got to court, the magistrate threw it out.
    Using a hiway as a race track. No such law, Duh,
    I got fined for 75 in a 70. On a six lane freeway, So wheres the race track speed. Total clod.
  7. actually I believe I may have read somewhere that while in control of a vehicle you are not supposed to eat or drink

    don't quote me on it - I just have this nagging feeling I have seen it in legislation somewhere

    same reason they allow 200kmph + top speed capacity

  8. +1 also thought there is a law against it
  9. Not sure about this but basically when in control of a vehicle you are supposed to pull over where safe/stop and then do what you want to - be it to eat/have a drink/adjust radio or mirrors anything that involves moving your hands away from the steering wheel or interrupting your attention to the road

    but it is not highly enforced I believe
  10. A recent study revealed that a greater proportion of drivers involved in traffic accidents are distracted by eating or drinking (1.7%) than by talking on a mobile phone (1.5%). Another study corroborated this finding and found that eating a cheeseburger was as distracting as using a voice-activated dialling system, but less distracting than continuously operating a CD player. Driver Distraction a Review of the Literature

    But I agree fairly petty on the particular officers part.
  11. 297 Driver to have proper control of a vehicle etc
    (1) A driver must not drive a vehicle unless the driver has
    proper control of the vehicle.
    Offence provision.

    They could claim that while eating or drinking in a moving vehicle as the driver that you do not have proper control
  12. /Willing to bet 12 zillion dollars the cop ate/drank something in his patrol car that morning.
  13. wow thats more money than even the chinese have
  14. but not the Nigerians...
  15. What about operating a radio,or a computer terminal or dare I say a radar unit while driving,or is all that stuff done automaticaly
  16. Reminds me of the guys done for resting their arms on the window sill of their cars, as apparently no part of you is allowed outside the car.
  17. I have received an infringement notice for that
  18. special police conditions - same as using a mobile telephone
  19. Operating a licensed 2 way radio (but not a C8) is specifically allowed under an exemption (can't remember which one though). It isn't just police that are allowed that particular one.

    I got pulled over by a policeman once a while back and he was going to book me for talking on a CB and for warning oncoming vehicles about the location of a police radar.

    I didn't actually have a CB in the vehicle (it was a commercial 2 way), and it was another vehicle that was warning trucks about the radar trap anyway.

    I didn't end up getting booked but that particular officer was a right pain in the arse about the whole thing. Most police are good but some of them seem to be just out to make peoples lives as difficult as possible.