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NSW Compulsory Training Test (Learners)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by iamvinny, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. Can someone please tell me how often these courses run?
    And usually how many poeple do they have per lesson?

    (Thinking of booking myself into one soon) Thanks! :D
  2. http://www.stayupright.com.au/nsw.htm should be your first stop. In the ACT, they run courses Wed/Thur evenings and Sat/Sun evenings. Class sizes I'm not sure about, I'll find out this week end when I do my course.
  3. Welcome to netrider :)

    The schedule should be on the RTA site, but they're generally 4 hours per day for 2 days.. so Monday/Tuesday, Thursday/Friday.. some do Saturday/Sunday.. have a look at https://ols2.rta.nsw.gov.au/gbs/SelectService.do

    When I did it, we had 2 groups running of 5 students per instructor.
  4. Thanks guys :D Think I'm going to do the compulsory test as well as a follow up test or 2 just to try get my confidence up!
  5. You should also look into the advanced courses offered.
  6. The NSW pre-learner course is just a course not a test as such. The course is designed to make sure you understand the basics of bike control and road sense, it is 3.5 hours on two consecutive days, there is more than one timeslot each day and I think it depends on where you do it as to which days they run. HART up in St Ives does it everyday I think.

    You can fail the course but it is the instructors discretion based on your capability.

    Once you complete the course and are issued with a cert of completion then you can go to the RTA and take the Driver Knowledge Test (theory), the RTA site has a "demo" version of this that is actually using real questions.

    If you pass the DKT you get your L's license and can then get out on the road.

    So, not sure why you would want to do the pre-learner course more than once?? Best to get it all out of the way, get your L's, get a bike and practice on quiet streets if you can.

  7. Hey Adam,

    Where did you do your Ls course?
  8. At the HART place in St Ives. Quite a good setup they have there although the L's course is only done on a flat basketball sized area with some cones to mark out a track. They also have a large road simulation circuit there which the Posties were doing their training on while I was there! I really wish that they had taken us around that course at the end to give us a taste of road riding, it amazed me how unprepared I was for actually getting out on the road after that course!

  9. I did mine at St Ives too, the teachers have been great the few times I've been there :)
  10. Just wanted to say, you're best to book a fair bit in advance of when you want to do it. Fills up quickly, weekend slots especially. I'm going to have to miss a couple days of uni to do it :p
  11. or if you're up for an early morning drive, do it down in Wollongong ;-) you could probably get a spot tomorrow morning there :p