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[NSW] Commited offences on my Ls, now on Ps.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by bNiNja, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I need some advice. A couple of months ago while I was on my Rider Ls I got stopped by cops and booked for not displaying L plate, obstructing my number plate and running through a red light. I don't want to get into too much details but I was booked for those offences. At the time I was stopped, I was holding my Red P1 car license. I have since passed the MOST test so I am currently holding Red P plate license for both car and bike.

    I have finally received the the notice to pay the fines. I would just like to know will both my licenses be suspended if I pay the fine? If it is suspended, can anyone give me a general idea of how long the license will be suspended for?

    My understanding is since the L license is a permit to ride and technically does not have points then I shouldn't lose my riders license but because I was holding my Red car license then I will lose my points on that license which is attached to my bike license.

    Can anyone please give me a heads up on the penalties (besides the fines)? Appreciate any help
  2. no idea mate, but i suspect you'll need some lube.
  3. being that you are on red's fpr both, does matter that when you committed the offences you were on your L's, your going to be making good use of public transport sorry, 3 points for not showing the plates, 3 points for running the red, not sure on how many if any you will lose for obstructing the number plate so provided you don't end up losing 8 points you should only face a 3 month suspension

    how were you obstructing the veiw of the number plate, if you didn't even have the L plate on?
  4. A few months back I ran a red light on the bike and I was on both my car and bike Ls. I paid for my fine (while i was still on my Ls) and nothing happened because I don't think there is a demerit point system for Ls.

    But the cop hinted that point deduction/suspension will only be carried out when you actually pay for your fine. So now that you're on your Ps for both car/bike, and taking into account the new P laws, I think things are lookin' pretty grim... I'm not too sure about it but one of my mates had his driving license suspended and he was on his red Ps for both car/bike and he wasn't able to drive or ride :p
  5. who really knows these days, the RTA doesnt even know how to apply their own rules :? :?
  6. Its 2 points for not showing the plate (I know ;)), 3 points for obscuring, and not sure about the red light. You have 4 points in total (red car Ps = 4, same for bike, so you have 4 in total).

    Meaning, you've lost it. I would seriously appeal the missing license plate on the grounds that you did have it on and its very easy for it to fall off, include photos of what you've now done to secure it properly, and don't forget to complain that the RTA does not provide any information about how L/P plates should be affixed for a motorcyle, nor are there any products available to help you affix it.

    Worked for me.
  7. Sticky that one, although I am almost on fulls, for friends that are still on restrictions, will pass that on.

    Cheers! :grin: