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[NSW] Coffee/Social night, Tue Mar 20th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Dennis the Menace

    Dudes and dudettes,
    Just the usual social/coffee gathering. Usual time 6:30-7pm @ Mortons Hotel, Sussex St Sydney. Bike parking very close by.

    The usual crowd, meet new faces, talk bikes, hang out etc . . .

    See you there.

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  2. Now this I like. :p

    I may come straight from the dealer after picking up the KLE500 if everythings comes together smoothly.

    Good time for showing off!!!

  3. Who the hell is Dennis the Menace ???
    Does he ride a Hornet ?

    Its $10steaks at Mortons, so make it your dinner guys.

    And the great Hornet600 might make his second coming ! :eek:
    . . . was that appropriate or is that blasphemy Paul ?
  4. Im like 10 mins form there...but in a class from 6-9 :(
  5. We'll be there until 9:30ish, so if you want o cruise back out west, there are a couple of us to ride back with you Ash !
  6. I finish class at 8, might come after that if I have bike back.
  7. I'll see you there.

    And Dennis, that map of Tassie you gave me(no really, seriously), once I had a good look at them I I realised how good they were so I went and bought some myself so I can give you yours back this Tuesday. Also I tend to fold the hell out of maps so I didn't want to wreck yours.
  8. How did I manage to post this when I wasn't even home :shock: Ah well I might have to turn up then. Ash, do not trust Mickyb to get you back out west.
  9. Dennis, you and Sled were doing just fine being the mature riders yesterday, i had confidence in you that you would get the group together. :p

    And this map of tassie you gave Gregg better be worth it to show on Tues ! :rofl:
    (insert Peter Griffin laugh here . . . . heheeeeeeeeeheeee)
  10. Lol, you're right haggis, I wouldnt trust Micky either !!

    I only have you and Sled to thank for getting us back to civilisation yesterday haha.
  11. sounds good mate.. what's car parking like around there??? i have to get there somehow :p
  12. Parking right in front, but get there before Sled parks his Boulevarde. :grin:
    Also parking at the private road next to the KPMG building, but don't let gegvasco catch you ! :LOL:
    And get there before the Sydney Scooter Club arrives, they use the venue also for their Tuesday meets.

    Bike parking is 20m up Sussex St.

    oh c'mon Ash, Sled and haggis were the designated TEC's ! - and they did the job well.
    I had point, to make sure the front runners were guided ! :LOL:
  13. I seen the cars parked on the middle of the road last night and realised there was about 10 of them ,so no need to call the cops. :LOL: .

    See you there ,if i can find it and not get left behind.
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. See! Once one person gets away with it, it becomes anarchy. Oh well, I tried.
  15. gegvasco = Judge Dredd ! . . . police, judge and executioner ! LOL

    I AM THA LAAAWWWW ! . . .

    Looks like Team VTR is going to have a reunion tomorrow night.
    Haggismaen is in town, so is his ghetto-gangsta VTR ! :LOL:

    I ride my VTR during the week to work, so its time for that Team VTR photoshoot that we have been planning . . .
  16. Looks like I should be there just after 8.00pm
  17. I was going to come, but my confirmation post was deleted...and I cried a little bit. Now I'm just too depressed to go. Sniff.

    FINALLY! The great VTR photo shoot, if only that other bloke hadn't run into that car we would've had even more! VTR POWWAAAHHHH I can't wait.
  18. i'll bring a bit of my VTR along :)
  19. :LOL: what part James?