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[NSW] Coffee night - The Ranch, Wed Aug 16th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. roll call . . .

  2. :shock: Back at a pub - count me in.
  3. .....in
  4. ok I guess I should be there :-k
  5. Hey... at last a date I can make... unless a curve ball comes from somewhere.. I'll show my face !
  6. Woohoo - should have my ride back all shiny and fixed :grin:

    Now how come I can't load the map? I just get a blank frame... :(
  7. Thanks champ :beer:
  8. Hey leigh ,nice write up in AMCN ,pitty you didn't win the T shirt :cry: :wink:

    See if i can make it this time. :)
  9. I finally made it into the press - hurrah ! :cool:

    Woulda had the bike back last week but the new rear fairing panel was scratched, so back she went to Suzuki Japan for a replacement replacement. Will be better than new in another week or two and I'm looking forward to taking it out for my 3rd ride...

    To quote Homer J Simpson, "I'm a giddy as a schoolgirl" :p
  10. Im in its just down the road from where i work foods not that great there as we do alot of work farewells/birthdays there but ill be there for the catchup.
  11. yeah, and Wednesday is Uni night also. ;)

    For some reason while I was at Uni, Uni chics did not look like that.
    But then again, I was in an engineering faculty - no chics there. :rofl:
    Well none worth to take home to your mum. Except for the joint lectures with the environmental engineering students, a few there, they were a little out there though, damn tree huggin' hippies ! :grin:
  12. I'm lookin good for this one. Nice and close and a Wednesday too!! ;)
  13. Uni chicks? Pub?? 7pm???

    Count Scrambles in.
  14. Received an Knighthood have we??? :LOL:
  15. Y'know, that has a nice ring to it...... :grin:
  16. Just visited the website, this place looks quite good! Apparently though you aren't allowed to wear camoflauge gear...perhaps there are lots of plants to hide behind?
  17. . . . and did I tell you the food is good value. :LOL:

    Just watch out for Gypsy, he has undressing eyes ! :shock:
    Don't walk across his field of vision or else you'll feel violated ! :rofl:
  18. Why, has he been undressing you with his eyes . . . or just wishful thinking :LOL: